Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 32 & 33

Opps I didn't realise I forgot to post last week!

pushing on those teeth! He doesn't ever suck his thumb, just likes to chew on them

A Happy Happy guy as always!

Food has been big this week - he won't eat more than a few mouthfuls of puree
But will try just about anything I give him that's not. I feel like he's picky already though! If he doesn't like something he'll throw it on the floor or wave his arms around and yell like 'give me something else!!!'

watermelon was a hit though!

chicken lasagne - he had a few bites, then yelled for me to take it away lol

His other new thing is if something is hard to pick up he'll just bang his hands on the tray until everything flies off onto the floor, sigh! I feel like all I do is mop!

Week 33 - my age blocks won't show that number :)

No length shot this week - too interested in holding his feet :)

Well, maybe a blurry one :)

Happy blurry!

The big news this week is a top (right of the middle) tooth has just started popping out! He's drooling like CRAZY!!!!
He just thinks Genna is the funniest girl ever
Loving his bath seat!! Fun to splash and play with toys
Even when sister feeds him a baby doll bottle ha ha
Spaghetti exploration
He got some in!
The aftermath!
He's loving some of the 'bigger' baby toys this week too - especially things he can bang on and make noise
At the library with big sister. We went to preschool story time this week (Genna was a star - participating in everything and even went up to the presenter afterwards to sing him another version of the song he sand that she knows from school:) We also went to baby bounce at the library this week - all songs and rhymes for babies - Max loved it!
At the park - we've started going on nice afternoons to the park down the road after his last nap and before dinner - a nice outing!

He even enjoyed going on the slide with me! (last time I tried a few weeks ago he cried!)

Ballerina pose for Miss Genna

Playing the memory game with me while Max naps

It's been a BIG past 10 days for Genna. Last Thursday she decided she didn't need to suck her thumb anymore (she has done it to put herself to sleep since she was 6 months old). I said great! Once you haven't done it for a week, I'll paint your fingernails (she is DESPERATE to have painted nails -but that has always been the deal). So we made a sticker chart, and it has been a struggle for her to get to sleep (taking an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep and lots of 'I can't do it'). But she did it! We're on sticker chart number 2 this week and hoping that if we do this for at least 3 weeks the habit of NOT sucking her thumb will stick! We're so proud of her will power - just awesome:) This is the bright pink color she picked out :)
Singing lady - made up this song :)
And we celebrated 15 years of 'M&M day' (our celebration instead of Valentines Day). We consider it to be our dating anniversary. So happy with my gorgeous flowers!
Last night - Mohawk! A lady at the shops last week said 'his hair is just like a dandelion!' I agree :)


Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 31

SO happy :)

I love how you look up with me with a smile when I get out a book as part of our bedtime routine. You squeal with delight and sometimes turn and smile up at me like I LOVE THIS! You don't try to eat the books anymore either lol. So so sweet

And this week Dadda was talking to you in the morning and saying 'Dadda' - you looked right back at him and said softly Dadda! Ahhhh so cute

Playing with Genna
We have added a lot of finger food this week - wholemeal bread, cucumber, pear, rock melon (cantaloupe) and we still have carrot, sweet potato and avocado. You are LOVING finger food and eat a LOT less puree now. 

Sometimes a play is fun though too

A zoom in pic, below the rock melon (ha ha) you can see his first tooth popping up! The other one isn't out as far so hard to spot here :)
Singing along with Genna
and a 'please take a movie of just me now' :)

You have started grabbing your toes this week - too fun

Always moving!

He loves sitting on Genna's little sofa - can't tip over which is perfect!
definitely captain adorable :)

Figured out how to bounce his chair :)

Our new bath time setup as someone refuses to lay back in the bath anymore!! And an internet privacy star for Genna :)
You have started pushing up with your arms this week - getting stronger every day!

My little towel duck head - cuuuute

Post bath selfie :)

You were belly laughing like crazy, I just had to get it on video :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 30

Second tooth appeared this weekend :) Such a big boy!

We think you're getting a LOT longer all of the sudden - your legs are torso are just stretching out!

You also hit 20 pounds this week - milestone!
We also tried some new finger foods - avocado was fun

and you are VERY grabby this week - trying to get anything within reach!

Carrot is still the favourite though - easy to hold and easy to bit pieces off (it's steamed)

It's too bad Max is blurry in this picture - cute though
First shopping trip with Mama using the cart cover - he LOVED it!

Shame it's blurry (always moving!) but he liked being able to see everything and it has a harness that kept him sitting back, but he had toys to play with as well - made the grocery shopping fun for both of us :)
 Talking :)