Friday, December 22, 2017

Start of school unti now

I kept putting off posting this as I was waiting to get photos off our camera too, but alas I need to catch up so here we go :)
Genna's first day of USA first grade - Max wanted a sign too :)

Day 2 - another pretty new outfit

I look cool too! Ready for school :)

Swim after school ahhhh nice

What does she eat the first day of American school? Vegemite scrolls lol!!

Genna's first presentation - what I did this summer

Wearing his fun new San Diego zoo shirt to school

Fun with cars!

Trying on her new tap shoes!

and jazz shoes and bag! exciting

moving into our townhouse - happy to have her own bed back, and a new fox light with her own lampshade!

YAY our own toys exciting !! It's like Christmas :)

He was SO SO SO happy to get his truck back - best day ever

ready for the ice cream social at school!

back the apartment to finish packing up, friends Harper and Ella came over to play :)

One of the best things about our new house, we can walk to school!!


some night we just need to use the tv trays!

bit of room out back for soccer practice

Beach day with Genna's friend from soccer Ruby

Friends from Australia popped by to say hello on their holiday -Ashely & Brooke

crazy sock day at school

don't I look dabber? :)


funny bumpy ones too!

now THESE are huge wow!

fun on the slide

petting zoo too

yeee haw

he always insists on taking her socks & shoes off at the park!!

we love ice cream :)

cooking class at school - first week was zucchini muffins

race day at school, they did laps to raise money for the school

with her class & teacher :)

practicing cooking lasagna!

I LOVE beanie boos!

more pumpkin decorating - for free at the local mall

genna gave her pumpkin spots lol

our neighbor lent us this snoopy pumpkin - cute

someone is tired!! passed out like this
Daycare dressup for Halloween day

holding hands with his unicorn friend Julia

Wonder Woman to the Rescue!

off to the Midway Aircraft carrier museum - radar kids

Nanna helped Genna prepare for her paper bag speech (she had an accordion hidden in there - the class had to guess based on her clues)

at the zoo :)

Genna's first grade school show 'American Symbols'

She did SO well with her line - and they sang a song for each symbol - super cute