Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 38

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 38 weeks old

You constantly have your finger in your mouth this week - there must be more teeth on the way!

Today I spotted your 5th tooth that just broke through the skin - you can JUST see it here (click on the photo to make it bigger) - just to our right of your front teeth.

This week you tried 'real' day care for the first time. You weren't thrilled and refused to sleep there, but I just know you will make great friends and have lots of fun. We'll try again next week for a few hours until you get used it :)

Your BIG milestone this week was perfecting how to clap - now that you really know how to do it you clap ALL the time :)

You also started waving to anyone and everyone this week - you LOVE to wave!

We went out to lunch this weekend to celebrate Daddy's birthday - you got all messy with the avocado (the birds were going crazy under your chair eating up all the bits you dropped!)

You and Daddy waited patiently while I got Ben and Jerry's ice cream for us - yummmm

Later down by the beach the weather turned a bit darker - but we still had a nice view of the beach

'Oh look - the ocean!'

Today you and I went into the city to meet a friend for coffee. You looked so cute in your new jeans and you loved having a little chew on my water bottle.

You are sitting in the bath on your own now (with me close by of course:) Now that we have a better bath mat you don't slip and slide all over the place. You love moving around and playing with all your bath toys. I love your fluffy fluffy hair!

You are such a happy lady - I love those wide grins

Showing off your cute St. Patrick's Day t-shirt from Grandma

You have started making clicking noises using your tongue - just as of today - I love it - so funny!

This is kind of a random video but I like your 'talking' in it

We have come to understand this week just how sensitive your stomach is - a little bit of pasta at daycare and you were up every few hours in the night with a sorry tummy. I've been told it's a normal phase and you should be able to tolerate more food after you turn one. But even after a rough rough night I'm always cheered up by your happy smiling self - you are my sunshine:)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 37

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turn 37 weeks old!

A quick picture of you on your back to show how long you are!! It's hard to get as you ONLY want to pull to standing these days - even crawling is old news for you!

i love those lashes

You looked so cute all dressed up for my friend Steph's baby shower - but I had to give you your socks to hold for the photo too because you love standing holding onto something in one hand now.

You have JUST enough fluffy hair for these little velcro bows - so cute

I LOVE this photo!!!! you and me all dressed up

Showing off your top teeth!

Having a cuddle with Aunty Helen

The shower game prizes and the bottle of milk bottle candies for the 'guess how many' game

The cute little buggy candy boxes and napkins

And the fancy cupcakes Helen got for everyone - they are gorgeous and SOOOO yummy!

You were SO SO well behaved - you sat nicely in your high chair (we brought with your own cause they didn't have any) and you ate lunch and smeared avocado all over your face while we ate - such a good girl.

Helen's match the celebrity to their baby picture game - she had 4 guys and 4 girls, it was SO hard!!! I only got 2 right!

The glowing Mom to be Steph with part of the gift from us - not exactly a great thing to haul along to a restaurant - but it'll come in handy when baby arrives :)

Me & my baby

Catherine, Natalie & Steph with their cupcakes - we had such a lovely time!

And I also have some photos from last weekend from Helen's camera. Daddy & Genna down at the beach

Ohhhh a fun empty soft drink bottle!

Sometimes it's fun to suck lunch straight from the packet - yumm

You LOVE swinging like this in Daddy's arms!

It used to be that if I mixed zucchini with anything you'd eat it, now you are turning into Daddy's girl and preferring cheese mixed into your purees! Seems you both LOVE cheese!

You are now regularly babbling Dada and Baba and I just heard a Mama too!

And from this week - you in your other swimsuit from Nanna, always with a distraction of course - you love playing with my keys

We found a solution to you always bumping your head on our coffee table too - a duvet to cover the whole thing!!

In your cute flower hat and socks from Grandma

What Mama? I'm busy!!

This week you have got REALLY quick and proficient at furniture surfing - you can scoot along the sofa to something you want with little to no effort now.

But your BIG thing this week is imitating. When I point at things you will then point too, when I wave goodbye, so do you and the cutest was when I brushed your hair in the mirror then you grabbed it from me and tried to do it too!!! You also now take the spoon from me and put it in your mouth yourself sometimes - such a big girl!!

Lots of Love

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 36

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 36 weeks old!

You do not enjoy laying on your back anymore - so it seems like I never get a happy face for your K-Bear photo anymore!

But you LOVE your wipes case - anything black is exciting!! (that and the remote or any mobile phone is the absolute highlight of your day!)

Cutie Pie - you are such a happy girl - you did have a few sad moments this week though since your two front teeth broke through!!!

You have lots of 'BFF' (best friend forever) aunties :) such a lucky girl!

Loving your bear

You had a day where you crawled over to your jumper, reached for it and looked back at me, so I put you in and you LOVED it. You haven't been in it happily for a few weeks, so now I just go by your cues - when you crawl to it you are totally telling me 'I want in!!'

You also enjoyed a drink of water - you have LOVED drinking from this cup this week because it has a straw. You have worked it out quite quickly. However once and awhile you suck out too much and then it comes pouring out of your mouth like a fountain :)

You are OBSESSED with crawling under chairs -
it is absolutely your FAVORITE thing to do this week!!!

Hi Mama!

I have started going in the bath with you since you slip and slide so much trying to sit, stand, crawl, etc etc in the bath. You really enjoy this game - trying to catch the water droplets!

and this one, blowing bubbles!

You also had a great time with your Granddad and Nanna when they came to visit this weekend!
You showed them how you can now wave with an open hand and say sounds that sound like 'baba' and 'dada.'

Daddy is so silly always putting things on your head :)

You also had your first dip in the ocean this week (you have been in on the harbour side, but never on the ocean side). You just dipped your feet in with Daddy, but you were not a fan of the waves - scary!

You have been putting your fingers in your mouth a lot this week just to push on the gums - gosh they must be sore!

pretty pretty eyelashes

Fun on the ferry with Daddy

You are SO happy!!

We went to see the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition with Daddy, after you and I finished we went and played in the kids play area.

Silly bird!

Your other big milestone this week was starting to learn how to furniture surf!!!

love you lots & lots,