Monday, August 29, 2016

Misc phone pics since we've been back :)

Being silly with Dadda

bringing his babies along to pickup Genna from school

silly siblings :)
after all being sick for a few days we decided we needed a 'chino' treat out!

baby chinos all around! (milk foam with chocolate sprinkled on top)

after going to the park down the road one day we went down a street we had never been done just to see what was down there - Genna loved the adventure!

Parents open day at school - we colored her Mexican flag for Olympics day together

I took a few pictures of her writing book that's kept in the classroonm :)

my family - Mama and the fish lol! I said where's Dadda & Max??

Her teacher looking on google maps for the countries they will all represent on Olympics day - such a cool smart board!

me addicted to dummies?? (nuks) no way! lol

fun day at the aquarium with Helen - he loved patting this replica dugong (manatee) nose with its hairy whiskers

it was such a fun  morning!

first ballet  lesson - she refused to turn around and pose for a photo ha ha - so stubborn! She had a GREAT time though - she's really a natural!

cubby house building in the play room!

these 3 just LOVE 4 wheel drives....!

check out the size of this orange - WOW!

Fun at the mall in their sports car

obcessed with vacuuming!! He screams if I try to vacuum because he wants a turn!


thanks Marcus & Amy I love it :)

SO cute asleep ahhhh

he has just started using a thin pillow and LOVES it

Genna composing a song - her silly brother makes it so hard to record it properly :)

at the park having a blast together

horse ride for her bday - a FAB present from Helen :)

she had the class mascot koala home for the week - we took a few pics before dance lessons to print & put in the koala's school journal :) everyone in her class gets him for a week - quite fun


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Professional pics for 6 & 2 :)

Gorgesous niece Veronica who is 1 soon :)

I LOVE those pudgy arms :) :)

Nephew Luke discovering his toes!

and another shoot - on a day we could get Max to cooperate :)

Four Generations :)

with Grandma
and Gigi Sis 

Max LOVES being silly with Gigi!