Friday, December 28, 2012

Xmas Weekend & Eve

A brag photo - Genna said 'Look Dada - M for Mama' she drew her first letter - with NO prompting!! We don't even practice that yet, we were amazed :)

Showing off those lovely long locks

She asked me to take a photo of her with the tree and her baby :)

The weekend before Christmas we went with Helen & Nanna to the Opera House to see the Baby Prom performance of The Night Before Christmas.
Nanna, Genevieve & Helen

Christmas Eve she opened her gift from Gigi Sally
The Night Before Christmas Book !
The unveiling of the Christmas Cake!
The design is a surprise every year :)

So lovely (and tasty too!!)
Getting cookies & a glass of milk ready for Santa (and a carrot for Rudolph!)

Murray and Jocelyn cutting up our Christmas Eve snapper

What are you looking at?

Three Big Boys

TEETH! They were quite tasty :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas !

Genna and her dolly - all cute & matching

An early Christmas present from Uncle Marky!
A bubble mower!!! FUN!
Bubble mowing dude - as Marcus said - it combines her 2 favorite things 1. helping 2. bubbles !!

Full Christmas blog to follow soon :) 

p.s. quote of the day - Grandma & Grandpa asked Genevieve on skype today 'So did you get many presents?' She answered - 'Not really.' lol - as if!! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's hot outside

Before all the drama - Mama & Dada at the movies - Gold Class style!!

 On Thursday evening we were playing hide and seek, and Genna got over excited and ran to the sofa, she lost her balance and fell off - stopping herself with her hand. When she put any pressure on it she cried in pain, so off to the hospital it was.
 Watching videos in the waiting room.

After being inspected by a nurse, we decided she was ok to go home and come back the next day for x-ray, etc. (she was flapping her arms around, so obviously wasn't in any urgent pain). We had a good night's sleep, then came back to see the doctor the next day - with 3 Babas in tow!

She fractured her arm bone, near the wrist. It's a bit like a compression break - you could see the bump on the side of her bone in the x-ray where the bone compressed down. Plaster cast for now, later this week we go back to see the specialist about how long she'll have a cast, and whether they can put a lighter one on.

Still in high spirits though :) Now that her cast has loosened up a bit she's back to doing just about everything - we just have to limit outside time as the cast gets VERY hot and uncomfortable.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Catch Up Blog

We were going through digital pictures the other day and realized we totally forgot to post pictures of our visit to Nanna & GrandDad's house back in October - so here you go!
Yummm Orange!
Playing piano with Nanna
& GrandDad

Noisy magpies out on the balcony

Close Up

A few recent updates too:

About 2 weeks ago you figured out how to jump! You’ve been saying ‘hop, jump’ for quite a long time, but just kind of stepping around on each foot. You figured out now that you plant your feet and jump up with both feet – you don’t get very high – but you’ve got it down!! When I picked you up from daycare today you and Aavni were jumping all over the place :)

You must have learnt how to play hide and seek at daycare, because the past few days you’ll say ‘I HIDE MAMA, CLOSE EYES.’ So I sit for a few seconds with my hands over my eyes while you go to ‘hide’. It’s so funny, because your idea of hiding it to stand up against a wall with your face up against it – so you can’t see me! You squeal in delight when I ‘find’you though, then you sit (peeking through your fingers) while I go to hide – good fun!

Yesterday on the way home from playgroup I said we were going to play at your friend James’ house, saying remember him? Last time we were there you played trains. You said ‘Ohhhh have dog!’ And you were right – they have a dog – I was so surprised you remembered as it’s been like a month since we’ve gone to their house. Then you said ‘Dog have long tail!’ I asked what other animals have a long tails ‘Horse – Horse have long tail!’ I said what has a short tail ‘Ummmm pig, pig have short tail’ and ‘Sheep have short tail, Genna have No tail!’

I’m just so impressed with the way you think things through like that – our little smarty pants 

We laugh every morning when you yell from your bed ‘I WAKE UP! MAMA – DADA!!’
Yea ok – we hear you! You sure can yell!

We’ve been swimming in the pool a lot lately with this lovely weather. I try to encourage you do to things without me holding your hand (like taking a step down to the lower step in the pool). You said ‘Friend Noodle Help!’ So I held out the pool noodle and it ‘helped’ you step down. Now you talk about your friend noodle all the time – so funny!

At the beach with Dada - waiting for the crosswalk light to change (cool dudes!)


And some beach pics from our Nanna & GrandDad visit too.....