Thursday, October 25, 2012

A few pics

Cuddles with Kangaroo

New swimming suit!

Helping Mama cook - first we paint the pastry with egg

Then Mama mixes up the chicken mince with tons of veggies & some egg & breadcrumbs
The Genna paints the chicken rolls again with egg

And they're finished - Hooray! She ate like 8 of them too - SO yummy!

Cuddles with the garden chicken Dada got for her :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Talking talking talking (a HUGE blog!)

First wheel barrow ride with Dada!


Dirty - FUN !

Check it out Mama!

So so fun :)

Helping Dada ....

Helping Mama 'cooking' -= putting grated veggies & cheese on tortillas to make quesadillas!

At the Koala Park - Hello Cockatoo


They really are gorgeous birds - WOW are they loud though
Soooooo tired

She touched it a bit and was THRILLED! SO soft

Cool to be able to get SO close to a koala!

She was also fascinated by their poo :)
Dancing on Dada's feet


Dressed for a warm day at daycare - I had to take a picture cause I thought you looked SO cute!

Must get every bit off the vegemite lid!

Touching the rain
We got you a slide this weekend - and started out with it inside


Sit on Lap Baby - Hold On!

Last week, I got you and I ready to go to daycare/work. We got in the car and started driving to daycare when you yelled 'Genevieve SICK - Go Home - Watch TV - Where Baba? NEED IT!' So I turned around, and went back home. You gave a great big sigh and said HOME. I'm glad we stayed home too. You laid down on the sofa, an hour before your normal nap, closed your eyes and started to fall asleep. I snuck in to turn off the tv, you opened one eye and said 'turn on.' Ha ha! A few minutes later though you were sound alseep and you slept for 3 hours!!! (you usually only sleep for 1 hour)

Today you asked me for juice (I give you about a table spoon of apple juice and fill up the rest with water - now and then - but you love it). I was busy typing something so I said just a minute Genna. You pointed at your finger me and said GO MAMA! Little miss bossy!

The next day you did the same thing! You said 'Play Animals?' (there's an animal game on my phone). I said, my phone is downstairs, you can play it later. You pointed your little finger and me and said 'Go NOW Mama!' Ummm yea I don't think so! I don't respond to that kind of bossiness!

We've been working on it this week though - me reminding you 'Please Mama can I have xxxx ' and you really are getting much better at remembering not to just boss (and point your finger at me!)

This weekend in the cubby house (you made Dada go in there with you to play tea party) you saw some birds land by the pool. You quickly leaned out the window and said 'Birdies - want tea? No? Oh ok.' SO cute :)

This morning when I woke you up, you sat up, and without even opening your eyes said 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.'
Cuddling Koala

You love enjoying a scoop of ice cream now and then while I grocery shop

You poured some water on the bricks then colored it with chalk - a very cool effect - and all your idea!

Messy! (but fun!)

When we arrived at daycare the other day, we saw Michelle arriving too. I said Look Genna - Michelle is here! When we got out of the car, she was already inside. You said 'Where Michelle? Inside? Need it! Need Michelle!' Ahhh so sweet, I'm so glad you like it there - the people are SO lovely and they treat you so so well.

You favorite song this week is 3 Little Monkeys (jumping on the bed). You sing it ALL the time. When we went to the doctor last week, you said ohhhhh 'Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said, no cheeky monekys jumping on the bed!' You also point at me when I'm doing something you don't want me to do and say 'No Cheeky Monekys!' ha ha

This morning you pointed at the band aid on your knee (you scuffed it last week) and said 'Dada Fix it, band aid, all better!'

Today you told me 'Baby tired, Genevieve tired too.' I guess 12 hours sleep overnight and a 2 hour nap wasn't enough? Wow! I think you might be going through a growth spurt at the moment......
Shopping at Bunnings (hardware store) - you LOVE pushing your own cart around!!

Where's Genna?
CUTE - you love this spot in Dada's office - a nice little window seat

Tea Party

Pretending to be a Puppy 

How old are you?
Eating outside on a lovely Spring evening