Thursday, October 25, 2012

A few pics

Cuddles with Kangaroo

New swimming suit!

Helping Mama cook - first we paint the pastry with egg

Then Mama mixes up the chicken mince with tons of veggies & some egg & breadcrumbs
The Genna paints the chicken rolls again with egg

And they're finished - Hooray! She ate like 8 of them too - SO yummy!

Cuddles with the garden chicken Dada got for her :)


  1. mother/like daughter! You have your mom's gifts & talents in the kitchen and are passing them on to the next generation! What a gift for your mom's bday, to see this beautiful little granddaughter in such a happy loving home.


  2. Thanks, Sue. Very nice thing to say. I love Skyping Genna to see what she is doing and she is indeed a wonderful and beautiful little girl! Monique has many more talents in the kitchen than I have, but you are so kind. Genna and her Mommy are making something healthy and fun together so often.

    Monique, Murray and Genna,
    Loved the hand painted appetizer dishes you sent. They are so colorful and fun and I have already put them to good use. Thanks for mailing it across the miles, as they look lovely on our counter. Amazing that they did not break in travel; you must have been a master wrapper,too. You know how I love gorgeous serving dishes.
    Kisses and Hugs, Grandma