Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 31

SO happy :)

I love how you look up with me with a smile when I get out a book as part of our bedtime routine. You squeal with delight and sometimes turn and smile up at me like I LOVE THIS! You don't try to eat the books anymore either lol. So so sweet

And this week Dadda was talking to you in the morning and saying 'Dadda' - you looked right back at him and said softly Dadda! Ahhhh so cute

Playing with Genna
We have added a lot of finger food this week - wholemeal bread, cucumber, pear, rock melon (cantaloupe) and we still have carrot, sweet potato and avocado. You are LOVING finger food and eat a LOT less puree now. 

Sometimes a play is fun though too

A zoom in pic, below the rock melon (ha ha) you can see his first tooth popping up! The other one isn't out as far so hard to spot here :)
Singing along with Genna
and a 'please take a movie of just me now' :)

You have started grabbing your toes this week - too fun

Always moving!

He loves sitting on Genna's little sofa - can't tip over which is perfect!
definitely captain adorable :)

Figured out how to bounce his chair :)

Our new bath time setup as someone refuses to lay back in the bath anymore!! And an internet privacy star for Genna :)
You have started pushing up with your arms this week - getting stronger every day!

My little towel duck head - cuuuute

Post bath selfie :)

You were belly laughing like crazy, I just had to get it on video :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 30

Second tooth appeared this weekend :) Such a big boy!

We think you're getting a LOT longer all of the sudden - your legs are torso are just stretching out!

You also hit 20 pounds this week - milestone!
We also tried some new finger foods - avocado was fun

and you are VERY grabby this week - trying to get anything within reach!

Carrot is still the favourite though - easy to hold and easy to bit pieces off (it's steamed)

It's too bad Max is blurry in this picture - cute though
First shopping trip with Mama using the cart cover - he LOVED it!

Shame it's blurry (always moving!) but he liked being able to see everything and it has a harness that kept him sitting back, but he had toys to play with as well - made the grocery shopping fun for both of us :)
 Talking :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 29

Last week we went to see the sand sculptures - Genna liked this Nemo one, but didn't want a picture with a shark :)

Max didn't mind!

She did like the dinosaurs though!
She also really enjoyed sculpting her own creation - this is a mountain with a smiley face :)

She also enjoyed the digger

I did it! We also made sand art by layering colored sand in a glass jar - I forgot to take a picture though oops! A fun day though with friends:)
Little fuzzy head - his hair is started to thicken a bit and is SO fluffy and soft

This week babbling has started - BABA, DADA, MAMA - I'm highly encouraging Mama :) He just smiles at me when I repeat it though ha ha!

Morning cuddles with Genna
Genna had a play theme one day of a birthday party - asked me for some old cards and wrapped up her toys. Very cute

We had some HOT days too - nice to eat with just a bib!

Genna put her 'Queen of the North' frozen sticker on his bib - cute

We had a nice afternoon catching up with her friends Poppy and Lily and families at a restaurant one day. They had a fairy there who did face painting, crafts and balloon animals - the kids LOVED it! Max fell asleep in the car when we left, so we decided to go to McDonalds drive through and get icy chocolate drinks !

Of course while Dadda was away our air conditioning broke AND it got up to 37.6c (that's 100f) !

So we camped out downstairs at bedtime for a few hours, until the cold change came and the wind cooled down our bedrooms!

Genna was THRILLED! I moved her up to her bed at 10pm when she stirred though, as I knew no one would be getting much sleep if we weren't in our own beds :)

Someone found the tie for my robe - YUMM!
loving this sucky mesh thing!

He SO badly wants to pick up food - but doesn't quite have the coordination yet - working on it!!

Showing off her lovely Elsa top from Gigi Sally

Dude - I'm pretty much sitting! He can balance sitting up pretty well now - but still needs a pillow around him as he tips back or to the side after awhile

Play dough party hat during Max's nap :)

Loving my reading corner in my room!

Sweet asleep in the car, I love that the days have been cooler lately so I can park in the garage and let him continue to sleep as he rarely transfers well to bed

What? Just tasting my bib!

Seriously Mom, too many photos

Big sister helper
My new teething ring yummmm

I returned the mermaid thing that we got Genna for Christmas (FINALLY!) as it really didn't work. I got her this instead - you pull the cord and the fairy flies up to 10 feet high - she loves it!!

droooooool lol

He loves his big sister SO SO much

We're happy !

Pillow fort on our bed

My sister is awake finally YAY!!!