Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 31

SO happy :)

I love how you look up with me with a smile when I get out a book as part of our bedtime routine. You squeal with delight and sometimes turn and smile up at me like I LOVE THIS! You don't try to eat the books anymore either lol. So so sweet

And this week Dadda was talking to you in the morning and saying 'Dadda' - you looked right back at him and said softly Dadda! Ahhhh so cute

Playing with Genna
We have added a lot of finger food this week - wholemeal bread, cucumber, pear, rock melon (cantaloupe) and we still have carrot, sweet potato and avocado. You are LOVING finger food and eat a LOT less puree now. 

Sometimes a play is fun though too

A zoom in pic, below the rock melon (ha ha) you can see his first tooth popping up! The other one isn't out as far so hard to spot here :)
Singing along with Genna
and a 'please take a movie of just me now' :)

You have started grabbing your toes this week - too fun

Always moving!

He loves sitting on Genna's little sofa - can't tip over which is perfect!
definitely captain adorable :)

Figured out how to bounce his chair :)

Our new bath time setup as someone refuses to lay back in the bath anymore!! And an internet privacy star for Genna :)
You have started pushing up with your arms this week - getting stronger every day!

My little towel duck head - cuuuute

Post bath selfie :)

You were belly laughing like crazy, I just had to get it on video :)


  1. Milestones like crazy in your household: sitting by himself, singing with his sister, giggling outloud, rolling over, and getting to be such a big boy. Genna is so good with him and the train play with the couch as well as bath time are so precious! I am sure that you are treasuring this special time, as July will come up awful quickly now. Enjoy, embrace, and cherish each and every moment. Those blue eyes that both Genna and Max have are stunning! My personal favorite photo of Max is his holding his toes and smiling a wide grin. Genna looks cute as ever in every picture, too. I enjoyed her wanting to sing alone,too. I know this blog takes you lots of time in an already busy schedule. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I look so forward to the updates. I can't imagine a world without blogs and skype when grandchildren and children are so far away. It would be terrible. Imagine those poor pioneers never seeing their children again after they immigrated to another country.
    Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Ok, so I looked at the photos all over again tonight. I cannot tell you how many times I revisit this page and smile. Such a lovely way to document their childhood.
    Love, Grandma