Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hamilton Island

On the plane - flying to Hamilton Island!

Check out my fancy new CARES harness - especially made for airplane seats!

Must get out for a few minutes though for some intense coloring!

GORGEOUS sunset view from our apartments

Our apartment's pool - SO nice to have that sun shade in the heat of the day!

Our place - we stayed on the ground with Nanna, Grand Dad & Helen right next door

Relaxing with Woof Woof and a kiddy magazine

AND with Dada - that's what holiday's all about after all - Relaxing!

Hey you - I'm ready for the POOL!

In the 'buggy' (golf cart) heading to the pool. It was fun to travel around the island in it! The island is small but VERY hilly - so its a necessity!

Little snack first

Then the pool - YAY! This one had a long shallow edge that was just perfect for Genna.

She got more confident each day (first day she didn't want to go anywhere but the edge, but by the last day she was wading around in shoulder deep water and jumping to us to go deeper in our arms!)

The birthday boy relaxing by the pool

We went down to the marina for lunch - these two cockatoos were busy cleaning each other - SO cute!

Lovely sunsets

Peter & Lyn at the marina

me by a tucked in thumb - just like Genna & I do!

Books with Nanna

and cuddles with Dada & Grand Dad out at dinner in the marina!

More amazing sunsets

Genevieve in her pretty 'Lady' dress (as she would say) from Grandma & Grandpa

bath time and some crazy hair! first time she has EVER let me put a hair binder in!

Murray & I had a day trip out to Whitehaven Beach on a massive catamaran.

there was a bush walk up to a viewpoint - along the way we some some SCARY looking spiders!
Gorgeous views though - that's our boat!

cool droppy leaved plants
quite a view!

and another one - eeeeeek!

Whitehaven is one of the top 10 beaches in the world!! The sand is SO amazingly fine that you can clean your jewellry with it and there's so much silica in the sand that it doesn't ever feel hot to walk on - amazing.

We spent some time doing just think - relaxing in the water - lovely!
Murray helping out on the catamaran.
Helen & Peter & Lyn had a dinner cruise that evening - all dressed up & looking great!
So we went for dinner down at the marina.
Genna in her giant high chair
she lasted for about half an hour, then she fell apart because of the humidity because she was SO uncomfortable.
So we got a few sunset shots - then headed back

for some zerberts! (is that an American term?) blowing 'raspberries' on her tummy - she loves it!

Next morning Helen & I did an intense hike up to the highest point on the island. It was worth it for the fab view!

You can see the main resorts down on the left.
and before we brought Aunty Helen to the airport - we went for some ice cream!
Genna has only had ice cream once before and thought it was ok.... but this time she was in HEAVEN!

Back in the pool again - best place to be on a hot humid day!

and one - and two - I can beat you Dada!

cuddles with Nanna after swimming to warm up

One evening we went up to the viewpoint 'One Tree Hill' - I LOVE that there's a bar set up up there - how 'holiday' is that? However this evening we brought our own beers and a bag of microwave popcorn - yummmm.

Great music too - Red Hot Chili Peppers!

and MORE amazing sunsets......

Now - time to catch up on my gossip!

I tell ya what - these people are crazy!

pony tail lady - cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

down at the pool playing with 2 other little kids

trying out my life jacket!

I don't know Nanna - it looks pretty deep!

and a back rub from Dada - nice!

that afternoon we had lunch at the koala park

she was standing up so she could see people holding the koala

the nice keeper brought one over for her to see - she was happy to watch but did NOT want to touch it

she did get REALLY good at saying the word koala though!

we found another pool too that was right by the gorgeous Catseye Beach

Hard to see here - but it had a big deep hole in the middle that led to a waterfall - SUCH a nice pool!

the beach was fun too - at the end of the day when the tide was really low we spent some time searching for shells - Genna preferred collection rocks though :)

beautiful local flowers

post nap snuggle with Dada - she slept SO good on holiday - must have been the heat!

cuddles with Granddad

He showed her how to shake the cup with her hand over the top - fun!

Last afternoon - little girl sitting in a big chair!

I LOVE it!

Check me OUT!

It was a WONDERFUL trip. Great to celebrate Peter's birthday, an amazing place, SO relaxing and great food. SUCH a fun week :)