Wednesday, February 15, 2012

19 Months

Genevieve is 19 months old! Unfortunately she wasn't cooperating with photos today - so this is the best I could get :)

Fun with Daddy in her sunnies!

Cool dude

Check out my cool mitts


A walk without a nappy feels GREAT!

And renovations have begun - the new carpet we picked on the left - the old gross carpet on the right

Murray got to work on the study first - sanding the window frame - fun fun!

It's hard work!

Genna decided to come in and give Daddy a hand

Here I'll fix that for you

Concentrating hard

and the walls are finished - fab! We just need to finish painting the window frame now :)

Genna enjoyed all her lovely Valentines Day cards

and had a GREAT time with the stickers!!!

In the past 2 weeks you sure have started saying a lot of new words! You say touch (which waving your hand at me - which means 'don't touch me', like when you want to go down the slide without me being nearby), you say push and button, cereal (you have started yelling this at dinner time when you don't like what I serve you - but that just is SO not going to happen....), house (when we pull in the garage), lady (for ladybug), and love you (you said this only once - to Dada - and he was thrilled:) You also have started regularly saying Thank You this week - which I think is fabulous! Now you are a regular please AND thank you girl - SO smart :)

This week you are also very into putting our shoes on. You find our shoes and automatically know 'Dada shoe' or 'Mama shoe' then you bring them over and try to put them on our feet. A fun game I guess! It's SUPER cute when you put your feet into Dada's shoes too - you look SO tiny when you do that!

You love the trot trot song, but this week you REALLY love the 'teddy bear sleep' song. Usually on the ride home from daycare we sing it together - you like to do the 'clap clap' part (saying the words and clapping) and you LOVE to do the shush shush part - while holding your finger up to your lips :)

Creative piano playing

Hot Potato (Wiggles song) - also a new favorite!


  1. Carpenter AND singer!!! She's phenomenal! Love to see the great eye-hand coordination with that screw driver... she must be very observant to comprehend how to (not only) hold it, but to actually use it properly... so so smart!
    Love you all,
    Auntie Joni

  2. Videos!! Lots and lots of videos!! Love them! Playing piano with her feet, "hot potato", helping with the screw driver......does not get any better than that!! Thanks again!
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Love the videos!!! So cute to see your little helper in the remodeling projects. : )
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma