Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nearly 19 Months Old

Genna and her 'babies'

Her favorite thing lately is to feed her babies

Look - I built it myself!

concentrating hard

Its fun to have enough room to bring the pool inside and fill it with balls!

Playing and a bit of singing

Reading before bed with Dada (the sheets are off because she wanted me to change her nappy on our bed and then did a little pee - oops!). She loves reading in our bed before she goes night night though - our routine is bath, dress for bed, books in Mama & Dada's bed, drink of milk ....

then tuck Puppy (woof woof) in and say night night (she LOVES to give puppy cuddles like this)

Oh and goodnight to you too Teddy!

tucking in woof woof just right

and one last cuddle :) After the last cuddle she usually gives puppy a kiss then strokes puppy's head and says shushhhhhh.

Its fun to draw outside with chalk!!

and a drink for 'car'

Some stories I have been meaning to write down:

Sometimes when you aren't too interested in the food I have given you I ask 'would you like a dip Genna.' You usually wildly shake your head yes and say Dip Dip! I give you a little bit of low salt ketchup in a bowl and then you eat like crazy. Last night you were dipping each bit of your pasta bake as you said 'dip, dip dip.' So so cute.

Before bath you have started hiding puppy in the bathroom drawers then running in to me and holding your hands out and saying 'Go?' (as in, where did puppy go?). I respond - Oh where's puppy??? Then you run to the drawer, take puppy out and squeal in delight. And over and over again - this fun game never gets old!

And although we aren't starting potty training yet - just getting used to the idea of a little potty seat - I must state that you did go wee in it once this week - hooray! You looked really confused - like 'who did that'? But ha ha - its the first step.

They tell me at daycare that you have made a new friend - Lachlan. They told me you two like to hold hands & push play cars around together. I'm so glad you have connected with one of the children! Why is it always boys though hmmmm? They also tell me you are a super happy lady all day long and they really enjoy playing with you. That you love to color, play in the sand box, play in the cubby house and go down the little slide!!

Funny chatty lady at dinner time. You learned this 'open them close them' song at daycare

Wearing herself out for bedtime!! I dont' know if she's going through a growth spurt or what, but she is sleeping 14 hours each night and 2 hours during the day. And not only that, in the past week and a half or so - MOST of those nights are sleeping straight through, without a peep - for FOURTEEN HOURS! Just crazy, especially considering you haven't consistently slept through the night more than 1 or 2 nights in a row until now!!


  1. Okay... the singing is beyond cute!!! Makes me want to reach through the computer and cuddle her like she does her dolly!!
    Thanks for the smiles!
    Aunt Joni

  2. Ohmygoodness where do I start?!! This is probably my all time favorite blog! From the curling toes on the feeding-the-baby video to the naked girl walking through the sheer curtains! It is all so delightful!! And the Open/Close song....priceless! How much fun to watch her learn and grow. THANK YOU!!
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Okay... had to go back and watch the curling toes... priceless!!! Jani's right... delightful!!
    Auntie Joni