Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 15

Week 15

Princess Genevieve asked me to take a picture of her all dressed up

And with her mini Rapunzel doll and Pascal the lizard!

We made lamingtons for the first time last week, Genna approved!

A classic Aussie dessert - white cake dipped on the edges in chocolate and sprinkled in coconut (and Murray likes them filled with cream - yumm!)

Dadda was busy in the backyard this weekend - power washing after some serious digger action in the corner last week (big machinery drags a LOT of dirt - wow!)

Then it was time for the big show - Australia Day Pavlova, made by Selina. I had 4? portions (Jingle demanded it ha ha!)

And Selina's lamingtons - yumm yumm

Friend Allison's son Sam picking chocolate chips from the leftover pavlova - ha ha - so cute
Group pic (minus Murray who was taking the photo)
Last weekend, relaxing at the beach! Nice to have the beach tent to relax out of the sun after hot hot down by the water!
And yesterday, waiting VERY excitedly for her first Carousel ride

Hard to get a moving photo, beautiful old classic Carousel in Darling  Harbour

She LOVED it! (chose the purple horse of course!)
And finally, nights where she refuses to brush, she brushes along with 'Ben the Koala' - a full 2 minutes of copying the Koala while he brushes his teeth - fabulous!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 14

Only thing to report so far really is I have been feeling movement every couple days or so. I just feel something like Jingle flipping around - just one time, so I know it's Jingle (not gas ha ha!). Looking forward to when we can feel kicks - I just know Genna will LOVE that!

After our hospital visit (to check out the maternity ward) Genna said 'I want to change ALL of the baby's nappies' I said ok, but you know they poo 10 times a day.
She said 'EVERY DAY?'
I think that offer will not stand - ha ha.

 At my doctor appointment, my OB briefly did a scan. I called Genna over to see as she hasn't been to previous scans with us. The baby was kicking and flailing it's arms. She stood there just staring at it - in shock I think! Later she said to me 'why was she curled up like your sunnies?' (I guess she means when I fold my sunglasses up). I said that's how he is supposed to be - he's comfy in there but a bit curled up. She was just fascinated with the whole thing!

Tonight she said to me 'Where will the baby come from' I said - from my tummy.
She said 'No but WHERE will she come from.'
I was ummmmming - not sure what I wanted to say
Then she pipes up 'From the hospital!!!'
lol - thank goodness! bit young for that conversation :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So we have news.............

Big Sister Genevieve - effective July 21 !

Excited to be a Big Sister
Genna has named the baby Jingle
Week 13 - baby is the size of a peach!

We told Genevieve at Christmas, but she called me out WEEKS before. She said 'Mommy your tummy is big, is there a baby in there?
I said, I can't tell you yet. She said 'well I think there's a baby in there.' I said 'I didn't say that!' she said 'well I did' !!!
We just dropped the subject - that was many weeks before Christmas!

The week before Christmas she asked again and said 'Is it a surprise?'

So needless to say when we told her on Christmas day she was not surprised :) Happy, but not surprised.

She has been telling us:
We need to find out what babies like to do
Babies like music, I will sing 'Peekaboo baby' to your tummy so she likes it

I will be a good big sister and share my toys and give lots of cuddles

And just cause I never got around to posting this last time - Genna as a Bump

And baby Genna - CUTE!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Other Christmas Misc.

At the shopping mall with Dadda

I like my Christmas reindeer antlers!

The week before Christmas Genna and I went with some friends to see a short version of the Nutcracker (and she decided to wear every necklace she owns:)

It was FANTASTIC! They had a dozen ballet students act out the story while the small orchestra played. We really really loved it!

And ice cream afterwards - yummm!

Just before Christmas Helen took me to a Christmas Concert at town hall - it was FAB!! We also loved the lights being project on the outside of the building.

Santa Genna :)

LOVING her Cinderella costume

This week Genna and I went to see the Wiggles exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. This was a 3d stage with the wiggles singing and dancing - she LOVED it!

The exhibits were FUN!

She also loved the 'car ride' with the Wiggles

We also loved this interactive board where you could touch paint the drawing

We had to pop back into the exhibit because she wanted a photo with Dorothy the Dinosaur
Cuddles with Dadda back at home
AND the dress is back on, now including shoes too :)
The other day I made two big cheesecakes to bring to our neighbors and wish them Happy New Year
They both turned out quite nice, and the neighbors were thrilled :)
Happy lady in her new Peppa outfit :)
Genna and I made a banana cake - she was in charge of the sprinkles!
She was quite proud :)
Genevieve was thrilled when we spotted face painting at Bunnings!

She asked for 2 rainbows and a unicorn
Genna helping Dadda put up insulation in the garage - it REALLY helps keep the heat out of the house!
YAY new hair cliips - she LOVES them!
Lovely :)