Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So we have news.............

Big Sister Genevieve - effective July 21 !

Excited to be a Big Sister
Genna has named the baby Jingle
Week 13 - baby is the size of a peach!

We told Genevieve at Christmas, but she called me out WEEKS before. She said 'Mommy your tummy is big, is there a baby in there?
I said, I can't tell you yet. She said 'well I think there's a baby in there.' I said 'I didn't say that!' she said 'well I did' !!!
We just dropped the subject - that was many weeks before Christmas!

The week before Christmas she asked again and said 'Is it a surprise?'

So needless to say when we told her on Christmas day she was not surprised :) Happy, but not surprised.

She has been telling us:
We need to find out what babies like to do
Babies like music, I will sing 'Peekaboo baby' to your tummy so she likes it

I will be a good big sister and share my toys and give lots of cuddles

And just cause I never got around to posting this last time - Genna as a Bump

And baby Genna - CUTE!


  1. COULD.NOT.BE.HAPPIER!!! Wait! Actually I was! After talking to Joni and she told me you were ALSO coming to the wedding in March! YAAAAAY! So very happy for you!! And I love the progression pictures from the Genna pregnancy. Cute!! Of course, the big question now is.....are you gonna find out if it's a girl or boy? And then are you gonna share it??
    Love and miss you's,

  2. Congratulations, that is very happy news! Genna will be a fabulous big sister!

  3. Joy, jubilation and celebration is being sent your way from The United States! We are so happy for all of you!!
    Love and kisses, Grandpa and Grandma