Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I couldn't source canned pumpkin here (I admit it - it's easier after all!!) - I resorted to making pumpkin pie from scratch. First step - cook the pumpkin

Post cooking and food processing - all smooth and ready to be mixed up!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the nicest looking pies (this one got a bit bubbly looking) but wow did they taste nice! I made a ginger cookie base and I think everyone enjoyed it :)

Yummm I loved whipped cream - it really makes this pie!

I also made a 'stuffing loaf' to go on our turkey sandwiches (because our picnic was at the beach we couldn't have anything hot). I added pine nuts, crushed up walnuts, and dried cranberries and it was SO yummy!

Getting ready for the day! Genna still in her pjs and Mommy arranging stuff on the phone!

All set up at the beach - Me, Murray & Chris
Me, Helen & Murray

The awesome turkey napkins & plates my Mom sent from the states - SO perfect for our Thanksgiving beach picnic!!

Happy girl in her stroller

Me, Genna, Hamish & Lennox

Zephyr showing off his turkey hat over his sun hat (pink is his favorite color :)

Cassie & Lennox

Zephyr & Helen in their turkey hats - it was SUCH a gorgeous day!

Laura, Me & Genna

Gotta love those hats - SO cute! (thanks for sending them Mom!!)

Zephyr showing off the Thanksgiving color themed cupcakes Helen brought !

Genna happy with Daddy!

Someone has recently found her thumb!

And sometimes fingers - very cute :)

Anna & Me, Genna decided she didn't want to look!

Lennox, Helen, Zephyr & Hamish - loving those hats!

Cutie pie

Yummm water bottle

Anna & Genna

The cool beers Laura & Mike brought - love the names!!

We had around 18 people come in all (+kids) - a very fun Thanksgiving Picnic :)

What is this big weird thing around my neck?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tummy Time

Having fun reading books and pushing up!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fun with Friends

Yesterday Genevieve and I spent a lovely day with my friend Kathryn and her little girl Isla
It looks like Genna is trying to poke Isla in the eye (her new favorite thing to do - she regularly gets Daddy square in the eye!) and Isla is going for Genna's foot!

Ahhhh I just love it when they hold hands :)

Show Off! Genna showing how she can hold hands AND hold her foot

Long girls! Gosh they are growing so quickly!
(Isla is 5 days older than Genna - I met Kathryn in the childbirth classes we took at the hospital - we had the same OB)

Check my cute cute shoes!

oh WOW what are those things on my feet?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Anniversay to Us

Today is 11 years to the date we met - Thanksgiving - November 24th - 1999

Happy day we met Anniversary Murray :)

Week 20

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 20 weeks old!
It's nearly impossible to get a photo of you smiling with the blocks now because all you want to do is play with them!!

Your new favorite thing this week is to grab the skin on my neck while I'm carrying you and pull and pinch as hard as you can - hurts me - but makes you smile - ha!

You are working on sitting on your own - but sometimes you just lose your balance!

Gosh you love your feet. You just figured out how to grab them in the bath (because it's a funny reclined angle) and you stuck your toe in your mouth for the first time on your 20 week birthday while skyping with Grandma!

I often carry you around like this now - as you love to hold onto a foot while being carried! You also love to push out from me with your super strong arms (from lots of tummy time) and pull your knees up under you - sure looks funny for me to carry you around like that! You are getting super strong at tummy time too - you just spin around on your own now and can entertain yourself a bit with a few toys!

Not a happy face here, but it does show how long your legs are getting!!

Gosh you are growing so quickly - I love seeing how you change day by day.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fab Weekend

SUCH a lovely weekend
We went out to see Steve & Selina & their girls and Genna got to try out her new car seat!

It's nice and comfy for her and oh so safe!

Genna having a cuddle with Amelia

Amelia & Clara both loved playing with her - they are such sweet girls

Busy busy at Manly as the weekend weather was SO gorgeous

We had a lovely meal with Cassie & Hamish and the little ones had a chance to 'play' together

Lennox & Genevieve

Oh Hello Lennox!

Ahhhhh holding hand - so sweet :)

Flying Zephyr down by the beach

after dinner Murray & Hamish went out on Hamish's stand up paddle boards

Hamish & Zephyr padding around

Murray didn't fall once! Not bad for his first time :)

Someone was VERY happy to be carried by Daddy :)