Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tiny feet compared to Daddy's big toes!

Whoa that's a big foot!

Learning how to type :)

Genna at a picnic taking a nap on Daddy

I'll have some please!

This is how you do it Daddy!

chillin' in her crib with bed hair

We are working on tummy time every day and she's starting to get quite strong pushing up on her arms!

All dressed up!

Ohhhh this looks interesting!

tummy tummy time!


  1. What absolute JOY to come home from work, get chores done, have dinner, then finally chill out and check e-mail.....saving Genna's blog for last/dessert!! (yep Mo....may have to change the name of your blogspot!!) I so love, love, love the little videos! Makes the number of miles between us shrink to nothing for a short time! Thanks!!
    Great Aunt Jani

  2. I hope Genna's toes are never that hairy ;)