Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 19

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 19 weeks old!
I love this photo - I think it looks like you are doing a little jig!

This week you have begun to really quickly turn around on your tummy to reach for toys, and you have started to rock on your tummy, like purposeful rolling may be coming soon! As of last few days you have also started pulling your knees up under you a bit and you have rolled over a few times which really frightened you!

You continue to be happy happy happy too :)

You are trying to adjust to the suddenly hot weather - it definitely has been harder to sleep when it's warm!

You also are nearly sitting up on your own now - you are getting SO strong!!

And you are SO curious about everything - everything MUST have a taste!

You also have started napping a LOT better now that you know how to self settle. It means you are even happier during the day because you are well rested.

You & I attended a pediatric first aid course at a friend's house this week which was great! You dressed up to see your friends, and I learned a lot which makes me feel like I now would know what to do in an emergency.

You also have started this week being quite clear when you are hungry - i.e. pulling open my shirt and sticking your head in - too too funny
You also took a bottle from Daddy a few times (although you insist on holding it yourself!) so we are thrilled about that!

This week you have also started pinching me! When I carry you around you hold on tight and give my underarm a really strong pinch - amazing how strong! You also still love grabbing at my face when I come up close to your face - it is SO interesting to you :)

It's been a great week my baby, we do love this fantastic weather!

Lots of Love,


  1. hi. i'm an american expat myself and have been a silent fan/reader of your blog for a few months since i found your blog through the expat blogs site. :) and i also have a 18 week old baby! i was wondering where/how you found the pediatric first aid course (it'd be great if i could organize it for my mothers' group!) ,and how did you teach your girl to settle herself to sleep (still working on that myself, but no success)? thanks. claudia

  2. Hi Claudia :) The course I did was through
    And I found a great site on settling - , it's definitely still a work in progress, but the bed time routine and making sure she didn't get overtired was the key for us :) Good Luck!

  3. Such great photos! I know it's hot - but please enjoy the warm weather!! :)

  4. The pictures are beautiful, she makes me laugh and smile and say "she is the most wonderful baby in the world" -just a comment from a Great Grandma.