Monday, November 8, 2010

4 Months

Mommy took a TON of cute cute pictures before realizing she had '3' Months on the blocks and you turned 4 months on Friday..... *sigh*

We did get a cute 4 month picture though too :)

We made it out of the house this week even when it was drizzling a bit, thanks to our handy rain cover

A goofy face - but a cute top, but I am mOmmy not mUmmy :)

Check me out - I've got my toes!!

We finally decided today to swap out the bassinet for the seat on Genna's stroller today. She just isn't happy laying in the stroller anymore other than to sleep. She doesn't look thrilled here - but she was kicking and having fun - I think she will really enjoy being able to check out the world while strolling along :) (and also this seat reclines so she can still sleep in her stroller too!)

LOVING the jingly lamb socks I picked up while pregnant !

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  1. "Mommy" it peaceful seeing Genevieve sleeping by the beach. These are precious times; treasure them as they go so quickly.