Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jennifer's visit to Oz

Selfie with the kids :)

Koala!! Us & Jenny's friend Lauren

They expanded the koala area with a new viewing area - really lovely!

glad it's free again too!
Out to a movie - not a bad view behind the screen!!

Although it did rain on us off and on! Luckily they gave us these lovely full body rain covers

And off to Taronga Zoo!
a giant muscley kangaroo!!

Ice block time!
it got a thumbs up!

Silly faces in the car

Their last night in Sydney - down at the Opera Bar

It was lovely to catch up with dinner & drinks - then we went to see a fabulous hilarious cabaret like show - great fun!

Max ADORED Jenny!!

We were SO thrilled to have her visit :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our camping 4 wheel drive holiday in January

Sandwiches after our first bit of 4 wheel driving down a steep winding mountain road to Wombeyan Caves

We did a self guided cave tour - Genna loved it - her first cave!

Then we continued on until it was dinner time and setup camp at the top of a mountain so it was chilly!! (thus the towel blankets around the campfire :)

the kids loved our campsite visitor

On the next day to some difficult 4 wheel driving - it never looks like much in pictures - but in person this was VERY steep!

We ended up at this lookout with a wrong turn and had to backtrack a bit but WOW what a view -  it was worth it

We continued on and made it to the lookout we had in mind - Kanangra Walls

We then drove to Jenolan Caves. It was too late for a tour, so we went for a walk around the lake

We decided to stay the night & have dinner at the old hotel there. It was so far to keep going to the next campground, and our little people were hungry :)

And it wa nice to be in a bed ha ha!
Our cave tour the next day was fantastic!

We made it to our next desination - the tunnel through to the Glow Worms

A little hike to get there

Gorgeous! Once you get away from the entrance where it's a bit darker, and you shut off your flashlight, you see these tiny blue glowing dots all over the ceiling and walls - glow worms! Stunning

We drove a stunning track to our next destination - literally down into the valley!

And then deep into the end of this valley to Newnes

They followed these guys around the campsite taking pictures of them :) They were about Genna's size - so we warned them not to get to close!!

American campfire marshmallows from Costco yummmmm

Amazingly gorgoeous FREE campsite!

Standing on the hill getting his last 'pictures' of the kangaroos (it's a pretend camera) in his pjs of course :)
We had SUCH a great adventure - 5 days, 4 nights of 4 wheel driving and camping and adventure!