Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 36

I'm feeling surprisingly good this week! I guess that couple good nights of sleep really did make a difference. I THINK it's the cold that's helping me sleep better. But I feel good! Lots of energy, back isn't sore. And counting down only a week and a half of work to go - YAY!

I love this video - how Genna always 'talks' to Jingle through my belly button ha ha
'Fishing' at the park - she made up this game which I thought was quite cute :)
While Dadda was away on a work trip we went to Featherdale (an Australian wildlife park) with Aunty Helen - it was super fun!
A craft Genna did at preschool last week - I was VERY impressed with how well she put it together. It was totally up to them to put the parts in the correct spot, glue it down and then decorate. I don't know why she names everything Ella though!
She also got to bring home the new school mascot 'Sunny the Sheep' last week. We took pictures to show what 'adventures' we took her on. Here she's posing with Sunny (on a leash) by her play tent
We also took Sunny to Freshwater beach when we went to visit friends
Beautiful down there - and what a lovely winter day!
Posing with Sunny in her favorite dressy dress :)
She was THRILLED to bring this page back into school and the director made a big deal out of it since she was the first one to bring Sunny home :)
Foot to bump! I took this picture to show how TALL she is getting - wow!
Ready for a bike ride around the neighborhood :)

She LOVES to make up songs :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

35, 35

I just realized today I'm 35 weeks pregnant, with 35 day to go !! Exciting :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Preschool pictures - 2014 :)

If you would like to print any of theses photos, email me and I will send you the full size file for a great print :) 

She is wearing her favorite summer dress (from Grandma) and a necklace that her teacher from last year Sue gave her (she commented to Sue that she loved the dolphin that was painted on the bead so Sue gave it to her:) . I extended it with a ribbon because it was too short.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 34

On the way home from my OB appointment last week I told Genevieve that Jingle is just the baby's name while the baby is inside. Once Jingle comes out Jingle will have a 'real' name. She said NO but I LIKE Jingle! I said I know you do, and you can call the baby that for awhile if you want to, but baby will still have a real name too like Genevieve. She said mmmmm ok - well I think we should name the baby Kangaroo!

While we were getting into the car today to go see the OB I overheard Genna having a conversation with her new toy octopus called pinky sparkles. 'No Pinky the baby can not come out today, it's not coming until after my birthday!' I agree!

Today at the OB, when I was laying down on my back to have my stomach measured, Jingle's bum popped up just about in the middle of my stomach SO far even the midwife said WOW! I swear you could see the shape of a little bum :) Of course that weird position threw my measurements off - I've always been right on for the number of weeks, but this week was 2 weeks ahead! Not a valid measurement though with Jingle popping that little bum up so far to expand the distance of my belly for them to measure!

I'm starting, just in the past week, to feel kicks up by my right ribs. That's good because it means Jingle's slowly moving position, but is still perfectly ready to go! Good that the back/bum is at the front too so hopefully Jingle will stay like that and I won't end up with back labor!! (back to back)

Showing off her drawing....
of Jingle - apparently :)
After Lily's party - she was quite pleased with this play watch

SUCH a poser

Time to give ducky a hair cut

It's SO fun!
Happy Lady (it's grass hair)
THRILLED that they were handing out bling at Bunnings!!
She LOVES going there anyway with Dadda, but it's a bonus to get Princess jewelery too - wow!
And a few random videos

Oh dear - don't mind my singing!! She has been watching the kids group 'Hi 5' dvd every night during dinner and this is one of her favorite songs :) 

Multi talented - piano & singing :) 

She does love corn on the cob!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Babymoon - The Great Ocean Road

After flying to Melbourne, we picked up our rental car and made our way down to the Great Ocean Road
We were so busy enjoying the view we didn't take one picture of the Great Ocean road itself - opps! This is what it looks like though :) If you drive the entire thing it takes well over 4 hours!

Murray stopped to check because he saw a 'blob in a tree' - turned out it was a koala!!!
Looking right at us - pretty cool to see it wild and near the beach!
We passed lots of eerie scenery
and beautiful views too
Finally we arrived at our cute little B&B! We dropped off our bags and headed out for an excellent meal in town. A great relief after all that flying/driving.

Murray got up early for sunrise shots at the Apostles

My view from our B&B when I woke up - the ocean is in the distance (a few km away)

Cows on the other side of the B&B - love those rolling hills! Such pretty countryside
After a nice B&B breakfast we were off to see our first waterfall - Hopetoun Falls

Beautiful scenery on the walk down

I was glad I brought my camping chair though - a nice view to sit and relax

The photographer at work :)
Such a lovely pic - so lush
I love how you can see the water movement
Of course we never saw one though!
We had lunch at a fabulous little cafe not far from the waterfall
Now THAT is a burger! Aussie style :)
Next it was on to Triplet Falls
31 weeks & 5 days pregnant :) I still managed the stairs & walks really well! Perfect timing for a getaway!
Us at the falls

Then it was time to go back up - argh. Luckily it was a MUCH shorter path going up - made you feel a bit cheated for having been led the long way around on the way down!!
The long road back to the waterfall
We walked up and down this road
Just to  kill time while waiting for a locksmith - the car keys accidentally got locked in the boot (trunk)..... Thankfully the guy got there in just over an hour and was able to get it open!
Unfortunately the sun was already setting once we got back on the road :(
Beautiful sunset, just a shame it was from the road and not the apostles where we had planned to go :( Oh well - still was a great day
The next day - so I could check out the apostles too! (There is now 8 left, even though they still call the spot the 12 apostles)
Quite a view !!
Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to us as well :)
More rock formations looking up the coast the other direction
Ha ha - do you think there are a lot of tourists driving here ??
VERY foggy by the late morning
Beautiful though
We took some back roads to get to our final waterfall rather than do the ocean road again - it was stunning
The Otway Forest  - so foggy - made for great moody pics
I read in the car while Murray stopped a lot to take pictures :)
Finally we got to our final spot - Erskine Falls

Then it was time to hit the road again to rush back to the airport
We had a great trip though - what a GORGEOUS part of Australia !!