Saturday, June 14, 2014

Preschool pictures - 2014 :)

If you would like to print any of theses photos, email me and I will send you the full size file for a great print :) 

She is wearing her favorite summer dress (from Grandma) and a necklace that her teacher from last year Sue gave her (she commented to Sue that she loved the dolphin that was painted on the bead so Sue gave it to her:) . I extended it with a ribbon because it was too short.


  1. Oh, these photos are gorgeous! I would like one of her reading and any other one you choose to send the file from. So sweet that she is wearing her summer flower dress. What a beautiful little girl! Love, Grandma

  2. I would love any of the beautiful pictures, how about #2?
    She is beautiful like her mom. GiGi