Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 42

Dear Genevieve,
This week your turned 42 weeks old!
We went to Granddad and Nanna's house - and Daddy popped out to the shop to get you a walker because we just felt like you were ready to move!

It's very girly & pink!

You were FASCINATED!!!

The toy panel on the front pops off - good fun to play with on it's own

I like it!

High Five !

Someone's calling for you!

We started off with me helping you to slow the walker down - the wheels just moved so much faster than you could keep up

We tried it outside too

Then Daddy had the smart idea to slow the wheels down by wedging pieces of paper in the joints - then it was PERFECT!!!

Your friend Chloe came to visit one afternoon - you guys had great fun!

Chloe checked for the bargains and Genna read the instruction manual

Ahhhhh explore - a new room - how exciting


Then Genna spotted the camera - GIMMMEEEEE! I NEED to chew it !!! She refuses to stay still for photos or videos now - she just wants to chew on the camera *sigh*

Genna got VERY jealous when her Aunty held her friend as well.....

Hello Granddad :)

So happy

Finally - caught on camera - Miss Genna standing ALL BY HERSELF!!!


Bunny Bum outfit from Grandma - cuuuuuuuuuuute

Ahhhh a gift bag from Nanna - I must taste it

cute card too

A Duck - cute!

must taste !!!

kisses too

and cute new bunny slippers - ahhhhhh

Genna's first Easter!

another standing photo - you're best at it when you are distracted with chewing on something - here it's your new bath toy

I'm starting to let you try to 'feed yourself' when you grab for the spoon - it's usually a disaster zone when you're finished - but you are totally getting the idea and starting to bring the spoon, with food on it, to your mouth yourself

You do love to help me with the dishes :)

Hello Happy Lady!

Your other favorite past time - climbing on the garbage bin!

Bunny Ears!

And a lovely pooh plate set from your Aunt Helen

I must have a drink!

and a taste of course

ohhh there's my Easter bag from Grandma on my walker

It was a lovely Easter visit!!

You also caught up on the gossip

and took your first piggy back ride

And one of our many pit stops on the way home - hanging out with Daddy in the driver seat while we take a break from driving

Hey - get out of the WAY - I'll honk if I have to!!

This traffic stinks!!

Ahhh a more relaxed way to drive

AND a week 42 posing photo with k-bear - it's the best we could get before you tried to attack our camera


oh and I almost forgot! You got your 6th tooth this week too :)

And fun back at home with Daddy :)

Lots of Love,