Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 45 - We have a crawler !

He has started shaking his head no when he doesn't want something - when I offer him something he doesn't want to eat he will shake his head and then throw the food on the floor, sigh!

He protests now when you take something away from him (that he shouldn't have!) by throwing is head on the floor and crying/yelling! Thus why we play on the carpet!!

He has become MUCH more social this week, waving at people, smiling and playing with other baby friends. It seems he has come out of his clingy stage thankfully!

Still our VERY happy guy :) He has an opinion now - but it makes him even more lovable!

The week started like this

To This - attempting to pull up

To this today - a proficient crawler :)

Our little kangaroo :)
Hop hop - we have the warm clothes out this week - winter is sure coming!

Cutey at her friend Lily's birthday party

They love playing together in the bath

Piano Man

Genna was very proud of spotting this Kookaburra at the park, and she got quite close!
Tired man fell asleep with his bread stick (it's a hard teething one) ahhhhh

Crazy Hair day at school, Genna asked her teacher for 'rainbow'

She was SOOOOOO happy with it! Cried when I washed it off that night

We had a nice lunch outing last week - Max enjoyed playing with his friend Stella (she's 1 day older than him)

And Genna had fun too - splashing around outside with the boys

Minnesota Girl :)
They have SUCH a great time together :)
And some pictures I forgot to post ages ago that Murray took - shopping for the passionfruit plants that will line one side of our back yard :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 43 / 10 Months / Week 44

43 Weeks !

Last week we attended a Teddy Bear picnic at the hospital where Max was born

Genna really enjoyed the show (they had one of the retired Wiggles perform!)

Genna pouty for a photo :)

Max trying on Charlotte's sunglasses


My friend Katherine, her daughter Charlotte (in her lap) and Madeline who is a bit younger than Max

Here try this!

Max's favorite part of the picnic? Balloons of course!

It was SO well organised. A nice play gym for the older kids, really nice picnic food, good entertainment, we really had a great time and luckily got the sunniest warmest day of the week!

Back at home with their teddy bear ears :)

Later that day - a play at the park to enjoy the last of this warm weather

Showing off!

MacKenzie helping for a higher climb
Selfie :)

Genna asked for this hair style :)

I just thought this was TOO cute - arm up while sleeping
WHERE has the time gone?????

I had to lay the blocks side by side because he kept knocking them down

Poor little muffin has been sick this week - rite of passage - his first virus. Thankfully after 4 1/2 nights of fever it finally broke. Of course now he just has a runny nose which makes him feel miserable.

Still a happy guy though :)

He's getting a bit better at balancing when I stand him up. But the big leap this week has been that he comfortable goes from sitting to up on his knees now. He doesn't move his knees forward yet to crawl, but is close to getting it. He also is start to grab onto things and pull up high onto his knees.

CUTE! I also found him sitting up in his crib a few times this past week, so it's time to drop the mattress down low!
He's really good at pushing himself backward til his leg catches, then sitting up.

Working on pulling up

SO close to crawling!!

Murray was reading Genna bedtime books the other night and had been gone so long I went to see what was going on and found this :)

Mothers Day 2015 - Genna picked this beautiful necklace for me :)

We had a lovely lunch out at Yum Cha (Chinese) - I loved it!

Starting to get into Genna's toys! Even though he can't crawl, he can still get around the room by throwing his body forward onto his stomach, sitting up, repeat!

What? I'm not doing anything!

During this sick week I have spent a lot of time like this - enjoying cuddles while he naps

This week we took MacKenzie to a baby proms show at the Opera House. The theme was 'Country Kids'

We LOVED the show!

MacKenzie held Max while he bounced - they loved the show too

Afterwards the kids got to get up close with the performers and try the instruments - It was SO Country and SO Aussie - a fab show. With songs like 'G'Day G'Day, Give me a home among the gum trees, etc)

We tried to get a selfie :)

Holding hands in the car on the way home - ahhhhhh :)

And back to cuddling while sleeping. He is such a cuddler :)

Genna performing for us

Max had a nice afternoon with MacKenzie while I got my hair done - she sent me these cute pics 

On MacKenzie's last day she took Genna to the park while Max and I rested

GREAT new friends :)

MacKenzie got this video of Genna singing Twinkle Twinkle Vegemite :)

It was sad to say goodbye to her (Genna cried)! But we REALLY enjoyed her visit to Sydney :)
Enjoying her spoon that had chocolate on it from MacKenzie - she mixed it with milk and had a delicious rich chocolate drink!
Wekk 44 - feeling a bit under the weather

I weighed him yesterday - 22 pounds :) Just perfect
Check out that core strength - he can do this for ages!