Sunday, May 3, 2015

42 Weeks

Smile for the camera :)

This week has gone from starting to pull forward to your knees to being able to get up on all 4s and even toes, your skills are improving every day!

Genna was happy with her requested hair-do for school - one plait (braid) and one pig tail - Funny!
Someone asleep in my bed - ahhhhh so sweet I had to get a picture
Playing in her warm sweater - lots of fun animals on it
Snappy Elvis the crocodile in her carrier - she has been SO creative with her play lately
LOVING her new mermaid blanket Jani made - warm AND cute :)
Trying SO hard to reach it!
Other big skill this week - Clapping !!!
Genna went outside in the rain with her rainboots (wellies) and umbrella while I went in to change Max. I came back to this - so cute I just had to laugh and wrapped her in a towel when she was finished,


  1. I loved all the photos but my favorites were Maxwell clapping and the last video of Genevieve dancing in the rain. You will have to find the video on youtube of "Singing in the Rain" where they do the whole routine with an umbrella. You have captured so many precious and memorable moments on this blog. Thanks for taking the time to document these cherished moments. I love the mermaid blankets that Jani made. They are just so cute! Love, Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Also, I remember buying that cute sweater Genna is wearing at the Minnesota State Fair in the International Village!