Friday, August 21, 2015

Grandma's Visit

Genna LOVES the new dress Grandma brought for her
SUCH a poser :)
We TRIED to get 13 month photos
Happy Guy :)

Our for a walk
Grandma takes Max for lots of walks - he LOVES it
Cute :)
Happy guy!

His new favourite thing is to go in Genna's tent and peek out the windows - Grandma taught him - and he LOVES it!!
Outside riding her bike
We watched
Her 'collection' of flowers (that's what she calls it)

Family dance :)
On a walk with Grandma
& Helen too!

Later at the school fete (fair)
SO much fun on the teacups!!
I know I'm biased but geez he's cute :)

At the petting zoo with Helen
She was quite happy with her face paint too!
Maxi at home with Grandma while Genna was at school and Mama was at work - he LOVED all the attention
Reading time
Serious walk
Serious flower
Happy with Dadda
At the mall with Grandma & ice cream
Tea party time
Here you go Max
He loves to torture her lol
I know how to use this!!!
At the Opera House for Baby Proms 'Tubby the Tuba'
Me with my friend Chris & her parents
Genna & the oboe player after the performance
Genna with the TUBA!! very exciting
A bit windy outside
Lunch time!
It was a fun day out
Posing on the way back to the car lol
More fun outings with Grandma to the park !!
Performance time back at home 
He was happy we took his piano back out for him to play with

profiles lol
Her artwork she made with Grandma out on the path while Max was napping
She was VERY proud!
He has started furniture surfing again this week and is VERY happy with himself - we're assuming that means his leg is healed because he is putting weight on it all the time
Out for a walk with lunch
fish sticks YAY!
His first love though - the clicker  ha ha!!!
Genna loves the new pink towels Grandma got for her :)
The Gorgeous flowers Grandpa sent for their 42nd wedding anniversary  :)
At the park

Nice visit to the library - we had SUCH a good lunch there!!
Cookie dessert YAY!
Max LOVES cruising around the book shelves
He really loves books :)
So does Genna :)
Fun on the front yard!

He loves crawling around on the grass - nice & soft

Silly girl :)
We love parks!

A great spider web to climb - she called this the queen's seat!

The library has this cool touch screen

Genna & Max love it!


Daddy Horse!!