Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kindy Orientation & Max's Group First Birthday Celebration

Genna & her friend Max at our first kindergarten orientation - SO exciting!
They gave them a bag full of fun stuff like balloons in school colors, a badge, a pencil etc - she loved it!

One of the kindy classes came in to lead the group in a few songs - good fun. Genna's up in the front row with her friends.
Next we got split into smaller groups and went into one of the classrooms with a teacher.
He did attendance, read them a story, then they got to do a craft. She was MUCH more confident and comfortable than I thought she would be - SO proud :)
Last weekend we hosted a birthday party for my second mother's group - to celebrate the first birthday of Max & his friends
A few big sisters came too - Genna was happy to have people to play with her close to her own age :)

Max & Hayden

Hayden, Claire, Sophia, Edward & Max

Our Group :)

Max did NOT want to sit still! I'm TOO BUSY!!!

Here Claire I'll read you a book 

I'll just check out the pictures first

This one looks good

Maybelle coming in to hear the story too

Sophia & Sheridan - poor little thing was SO tired so took a good nap in her carseat

Bonita & Hayden with Khin & Maybelle

Genna busy drawing

Present time! We did a lucky dip :) Everyone brought 1 unisex present.

Genna helped Max open his

Ed was happy about present time too :)

Busy play room with six 1 year olds!

Phew - some time to play by myself!

Max had a great time I think :) He was happy to show other babies his toys (but wouldn't hand them over!). He only got upset once when he saw someone playing with his favourite ball, but then went over & snatched it & all was well again :)


  1. Looks like a great group of ladies and the children, I hope they all live near you so you find a backup friend, if you are late, if something goes wrong etc. Max looks like the King of the group, what a wonderful big boy.
    Genna is the entertainment queen-great bunch of kids and more kids to play with, Love Gigi

  2. Kindergarten!!! How exciting! And credit yourselves for helping her be excited for school! Do they wear uniforms?
    And Max has obviously adjusted to this minor bump in the road wonderfully! No stopping that little man!
    Thanks for the updates!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Yes they do wear uniforms! The kids get to try them on for size at the next orientation (next week). They're really cute - blue & white :) School actually starts in February - so we have time to get it sorted out!