Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Misc Nov. Genna

Princess Genna with her Princess Tiana coloring sheet

We decided to turn her broken crayons into new shaped crayons

They looked quite cool after we melted them!

Genna's own little Halloween pumpkin - it lasted for ages.
YAY Dora stickers!!!

It rained and rained last week - so Dadda and Genna went out to fertilize the grass / splash in the rain


I was so proud of her drawing I took a picture. This is Mr. Cloud under a rainbow

Practicing tracing her name

At the Opera House with Helen - waiting to see the Peppa Pig show!

She brought her 2 Peppas from home

It was a good show, although I am disappointed they didn't do full size characters. We're glad we went though - Genna really enjoyed it!

Little American girl at an early Thanksgiving lunch at our place

Sitting with the big girls Clara & Amelia (Also note that Genna decorated the table and was VERY proud of herself!!)

Coloring with Clara
She took one bite and then said 'yuck I don't like this' - sad, just sad lol :(

Time for a swim !!

Amelia was a great helper - getting her comfortable in the water

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trip to see Nanna & GrandDad

A fun weekend down at Nanna & GrandDad's house

It's a great playground by the beach

I can do it all by myself!

The next day - off to the zoo!

Genna thinks this photo is HILARIOUS!

It's a nice zoo - Genna especially liked the up close views of the monkeys 

Time to feed the deer!

She would run to the end where there was NO deer and throw food in, they'd all rush over to eat it, the she'd throw food on the other end - didn't like the whole licking off the hand thing!

Female white lion!

Waiting for lion feeding time with Nanna

Mama & her 2 children

Being hand fed !

When it was Daddy's turn the other three backed off

He actually reached out and caught her shirt through the fence and tore it at one point

A bit of a cuddle after eating time - VERY cool to see them up close

Genna picked out a monkey & baby from the gift store - made a good backpack!

A lovely day - we had a lot of fun

And a very nice visit - always lovely to see  them :)