Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half a Year in Oz

Today is exactly 3 months since I started working, which was 3 months after I landed in Oz.
Gosh where have 6 months gone? Time flies!

It's a terribly cold winter day today - the forecast on the radio said 23 Celsius (76 Fahrenheit) this afternoon.

Really?!?!? ?Is this winter? WOW.

I'm glad I didn't get my warmer coat out today! Since July is meant to be the height of winter I thought hmmm maybe I should break out my slightly warmer 3/4 length jacket - but no - no need - my short jacket + pashmina was even too warm this morning!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to Monday again!

Lovely weekend - Sunday we took a walk down to Manly and noticed all the fencing they have put up!
The high tides recently have washed away a lot of the sand on Manly beach, causing a dangerous drop down onto rocks - thus the fencing. You are allowed down there, it's just to stop people from falling due to the drop I guess. The interesting thing I read in the local paper is that the fencing is costing $6000 a week to rent - WOW - is it just me or does that sounds like a complete rip off?

Everyone here is excited about the biggest ever lotto draw in Australia tomorrow night - we saw these scooter guys this morning - cute with the balloons (and they had fake money taped all over there scooters too - ha ha)! Yes we have a ticket - fingers crossed for a big win!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Ever Netball Game!

I filled in on Anna's netball team on Wednesday night. I was up front from the start though -saying not only had I never played netball I have never even SEEN a game!

We each had to put a little jersey on with the initials of our positions. They had me start as a Goal Defender (that's GD on the below map...) and the girl who I was supposed to be covering was SOOO fast - I spent the whole time just turning around going 'where the heck did she go?' then running after her (while trying to remember what lines I had to stay between, how far I had to stay from other players, etc. - lots of goofy rules...)

So after the first half they had me change to Goal Shooter. We lost BIG time - 18 to 3 (but there was a few people on our team that had never played before - and the other team had played together for a year...), but guess who got 2 of our 3 goals???
I was pretty happy with myself! The basket is just like a basketball basket - but with no backboard. But somehow - goodness KNOWS how many years it has been since I last shot a basket, but I did ok! If they ask me back again I'd go - it was fun:)

Oh and one funny thing - when you are shooting, the defenders from the other team have to stand 3 feet from you, but they are allowed to lean forward and wave their hands around to try and block/distract you - I do NOT like that part!!! The first time I went to shoot a girl was doing that. I just stopped aiming - and said 'well THAT is distracting' I think she was surprised I said that because she stopped and moved away, then I shot and scored HA! Too funny:)

I can NOT wait for this movie...........

The book was amazing and I am SO excited to see Eric Bana is the film's star (he is Australian)!

Oh my gosh - how disappointing though that it doesn't come out here til November!!! :(

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks Mom!

My Mom mailed us a package 2 weeks ago I see now why it took SO long! (usually things go between the US & Oz in about 5 working days...)

But YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the Ranch mix made it through!! Yummy Spinach dip & dressing here we come! Just in time for the 4th of July - hooray!

They also included this handy little booklet - I guess Ranch dip is ok. I do wonder if they included this brochure as a warning though - like 'don't send this again or we will keep it for ourselves!' I did notice that the bottom of the packets says 'Dairy'.... but maybe because it's dried it's ok? No worries - it's here!

(Oh and thanks for the Marley & Me dvd Joni - can't WAIIIIIIIIIIIT to watch it this weekend:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain = Shopping

It rained all day Saturday, so I didn't get to go ice skating as planned - instead I went shopping!
Pillows that I think are SO pretty (and comfortable - bonus!) for our sofa

Well this we didn't buy - but it matches Beautifully with our sofa - the wedding blanket my Grandma Sally made for us.

And our new dining set :)

It helped that the sun came back out on Sunday as well! Made for a great weekend. They say July is the middle of winter here - so we are getting close - but we were still out in flip flops and just a long sleeve t-shirts down at the beach this weekend - SO lovely!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I should have worn boot today

The rain here is nothing like anything I have experienced before. In London - sure it rained a lot - but it was always sort of a gentle downpour. If you had a good umbrella you wouldn't get too wet. Here - when it rains - it POURS!

This morning I got caught in a sudden downpour. I whipped my umbrella out of my bag straight away, but still got SOAKED! It was coming down so hard that my trousers got wet up to my knees, my shoes filled with water and my knee high socks are soaking wet.

I hate having wet feet - I should have worn boots today to avoid it - how annoying!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guess Who?

It's me!
This is the photo I used for the 'guess who that baby is' game at the baby shower last weekend:)

I thought I'd post it just for fun!

Last night we went and saw 'I Love You Man' - it was silly but funny - and I still feel sick from having eaten too much popcorn - oh well!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sydney Weekend

Friday night Anna & I headed out to see a bit more of Vivid Sydney

This is called 'lighting the sails' - just one of the many designs projected on to the Opera House

My favourite was 'FAƇADE' - Electric Canvas

On the Museum of Contemporary Art

It kept changing patterns and was SO pretty!

Sunday was all about pink & blue - a baby shower for Selina's sister Georgette

Cute cute cute cupcakes!

The first game was fun - everyone got a glass of water with a jelly baby (candy) frozen in an ice cube - the first person who's jelly baby melted first had to yell out 'My Water Broke'!

Very funny - although the aftermath of the poor jelly baby looked goopy & gross!

The happy mum to be Georgette with her little helper Amelia

Selina & happy girl Clara :)

Amelia helped with the clean up too - she's such a sweet little girl (and a very good helper!)

It was a fun weekend - fun to catch up with friends!!
I also helped Helen move (always fun to unpack - so much more fun than packing!!)
And tonight Murray & I finished the second garage organization and Betty FINALLY fits in - hooray!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Blue Mountains

Our first official holiday since finishing our road trip ended in Minnesota at the end of November last year - the long weekend to the Blue Mountains.
It actually only took us an hour and a half to drive out to the Blue Mountains - west of Sydney - first stop - the famous 3 Sisters

Murray & I at the Blue Sisters - it was COLD - thus we both have our UofM (University of Minnesota) sweatshirts on!

The full moon looked really cool!

And the sunset was gorgeous

Next day we went for a hike - Murray liked this plaque

Close up - cool!

First stop - Weeping Rock

Thank GOODNESS they had railings!!

The path was VERY steep!

Me by Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls from further away - this is only half of it as well - quite impressive!

It was a stunning hike - lots of great views

Murray by another waterfall


We heard some squawking and looked down to see a group of cockatoos flying by - hard to see here - but they are SUCH gorgeous birds

On our last evening we had an ok meal followed by a GREAT dessert - chocolate fondue!

Obviously the chocolate was awful :)

Back in Manly on Monday we enjoyed a LOVELY warm sunny lunch on our balcony (by the way I can not BELIEVE this is 'going into winter' weather....)

Then we took a walk down to the beach - there was a surfing carnival on so it was packed!

Me at the beach

They even had classic boards laid out for sale

And some random unusual flowers we saw on the way back

A lovely first long weekend in Sydney :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Try This at Home

Friday night Helen took me to the Sydney Film Festival
We saw the premier of Disgrace in Australia. It was sobering, but very well made and an interesting story about 'a Cape Town professor moves to the Eastern Cape, where he gets caught up in a mess of post-apartheid politics.'

I loved checking out the artwork that was projected onto the Opera House as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival


Next morning Murray took a few more pictures of my flowers which STILL are looking amazing!

Coming up soon.... our Blue Mountain pics:)