Friday, June 12, 2009

The Blue Mountains

Our first official holiday since finishing our road trip ended in Minnesota at the end of November last year - the long weekend to the Blue Mountains.
It actually only took us an hour and a half to drive out to the Blue Mountains - west of Sydney - first stop - the famous 3 Sisters

Murray & I at the Blue Sisters - it was COLD - thus we both have our UofM (University of Minnesota) sweatshirts on!

The full moon looked really cool!

And the sunset was gorgeous

Next day we went for a hike - Murray liked this plaque

Close up - cool!

First stop - Weeping Rock

Thank GOODNESS they had railings!!

The path was VERY steep!

Me by Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls from further away - this is only half of it as well - quite impressive!

It was a stunning hike - lots of great views

Murray by another waterfall


We heard some squawking and looked down to see a group of cockatoos flying by - hard to see here - but they are SUCH gorgeous birds

On our last evening we had an ok meal followed by a GREAT dessert - chocolate fondue!

Obviously the chocolate was awful :)

Back in Manly on Monday we enjoyed a LOVELY warm sunny lunch on our balcony (by the way I can not BELIEVE this is 'going into winter' weather....)

Then we took a walk down to the beach - there was a surfing carnival on so it was packed!

Me at the beach

They even had classic boards laid out for sale

And some random unusual flowers we saw on the way back

A lovely first long weekend in Sydney :)

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  1. So jealous you have this so close by! What a great weekend trip :)