Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to Monday again!

Lovely weekend - Sunday we took a walk down to Manly and noticed all the fencing they have put up!
The high tides recently have washed away a lot of the sand on Manly beach, causing a dangerous drop down onto rocks - thus the fencing. You are allowed down there, it's just to stop people from falling due to the drop I guess. The interesting thing I read in the local paper is that the fencing is costing $6000 a week to rent - WOW - is it just me or does that sounds like a complete rip off?

Everyone here is excited about the biggest ever lotto draw in Australia tomorrow night - we saw these scooter guys this morning - cute with the balloons (and they had fake money taped all over there scooters too - ha ha)! Yes we have a ticket - fingers crossed for a big win!


  1. The fencing cost... not surprised. It is Australia after all! I would LOVE to offer my services to go down there and just warn people about the drop. I would be very friendly, there wouldn't be the need for an ugly fence and they could save tons because I'd only charge $2000 per week!!

  2. yea no kidding - I'd even undercut you & do it for $1800 a week - ha!
    The good thing is they say the sand is due to come back in with the tides soon - I hope so - it'll look SO much nicer!