Monday, June 15, 2009

Sydney Weekend

Friday night Anna & I headed out to see a bit more of Vivid Sydney

This is called 'lighting the sails' - just one of the many designs projected on to the Opera House

My favourite was 'FAƇADE' - Electric Canvas

On the Museum of Contemporary Art

It kept changing patterns and was SO pretty!

Sunday was all about pink & blue - a baby shower for Selina's sister Georgette

Cute cute cute cupcakes!

The first game was fun - everyone got a glass of water with a jelly baby (candy) frozen in an ice cube - the first person who's jelly baby melted first had to yell out 'My Water Broke'!

Very funny - although the aftermath of the poor jelly baby looked goopy & gross!

The happy mum to be Georgette with her little helper Amelia

Selina & happy girl Clara :)

Amelia helped with the clean up too - she's such a sweet little girl (and a very good helper!)

It was a fun weekend - fun to catch up with friends!!
I also helped Helen move (always fun to unpack - so much more fun than packing!!)
And tonight Murray & I finished the second garage organization and Betty FINALLY fits in - hooray!!


  1. I love those cupcakes- so bright and adorable! And I have never heard of that baby shower game before! I am going to remember that Jelly Bean game!!

  2. What a cute shower game! I'l have to keep that one in mind for future...

  3. Yea it was a fun game - and good cause everyone could keep chatting while keeping an eye on their ice cube:)
    Jolie - she actually used something called a jelly baby
    But I guess a jelly bean would work too!