Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 46

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 46 weeks old!
Pointing is one of your new favorite things - you point at what you want now which is helpful! The other night at dinner I was trying to feed you something and you pointed at the cup of peas as if to say NO I want those! You were thrilled when I gave them to you - you LOVE peas as finger food this week!

Your other favorite thing is carrying things around in your mouth. You are a multi-tasker. You love crawling around with a toy (or a sock) hanging out of your mouth - just like a little puppy!

The other thing you just started doing is bouncing your legs to music! Your first dancing :) The other thing you started this week was shaking your head 'no.' I don't you doing it actually MEANS no yet, but you LOVE shaking your head back and forth at every single thing I ask you!

And you LOVE cuddling your Tigger this week - he's your favorite!!

Brushing Tigger's hair - ahhhhhhh

And snuggling Daddy's jumper of course :)

This little bear who we call 'beary' is also something you LOVE to cuddle. When we give him to you you snuggle him up close - so sweet.

Hi Daddy! Peeking over the sofa arm

You talk talk talked this week - we're not sure what you are trying to say - but you love to talk!

We are experimenting more with finger foods this week too - you love using your spoon and your hands to 'pick up' puree - hmmmm. It's messy - but fun!

Although you were sick most of this week, we still had a nice time. Lots of sofa cuddling time - and you even slept on my chest for a few hours one day which was lovely. I'm glad you're feeling better now though. Today was our first day out to the beach in almost a week - you were thrilled and pushed your walker around after birds with glee. You even took the tiniest step by yourself without prompting! You have a ways to go until you are a 'full walker' but you are SO getting there!!!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 45

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 45 weeks old!
This week we are working on 'rules' - after just a few days of me sitting you back down in the bath and saying 'no standing, we sit in the bath' you TOTALLY get it. You enjoy brushing your teeth in the bath too :) The other thing we worked on this week is not eating books - it went well for a few days until I caught you eating a few today! Oh well - we will keep working on it :)

We had to get you a warmer jacket because it started to get chilly this week

I also got to cuddle Steph's little one Charlie again - lovely :)

You are getting quite good at walking just holding one of my hands now too

and transferring from one thing to another - you are getting quite brave!

You love practicing eating with a spoon - messy - but fun!

Ohhhh what's in my toy basket?

Your friend Louisa came over one day to play too


Sitting snuggled up with Daddy on the sofa - such a tiny little head! With your brush in your hand of course! You don't need any prompting now, when you see your brush you go straight for my hair or Daddy's hair to brush it - smart girl!

You love your walker SO much - but you decided it'd be even better if you could bring your bear rattle with too

So you experimented with a few different ways to carry it

Your bunny slipper was fun to carry around too - this time in your mouth! ha ha

You have recently started sucking on your bunny's arms - cute. And just this week you sorted out how to stand up in your cot in your sleep sack!

I love this dress on you - such a pretty pretty girl

YAY ducky!

You still had a bit of a cold today - but we bundled up to get a bit of fresh air

We went to see a movie - you were SO good - watched a bit, played a bit and slept a bit :)

We also received this gorgeous handmade blanket for you this week. It's a collection of squares each made by someone who loves you - aunties, uncles, grandparents, friends - such a gorgeous and wonderful keepsake. Everyone sent in a square and my friend Cassie commissioned her friend to put it together - I'm sure you will love to cuddle up in it when you are older!

and the BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG news this week??

Last Thursday you were surfing along the wall and I reached out to you. You reached out, so I pulled my arms back a little bit and you took two steps all by yourself to get to me!!! You haven't done it since (I've tried to encourage it - but you just aren't ready yet) - so so exciting though!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 44

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 44 weeks old!
Big Girl !
You found your backpack filled with stuff for day care and pulled bunny out.... which of course meant thumb in mouth. So cute that you crawled to the back of our table to sit and suck your thumb - looking at me like PUT ME TO BED - I'M TIRED!!! You are so so so good with the bunny, as soon as we give it to you you lay down and go to sleep - amazing!

We got you your first tooth brush this week. It's really just a plastic stub with bumps on it - but it's meant to give you the idea and lets us clean off your 'milk teeth.' I showed you how to do it on my own teeth, then you smiled wide and let me brush yours. Then of course you took it and did it yourself!!! Of course sometimes it ends up being chewed on like a lollipop too..... :)

You were obsessed with chewing the buttons on this onesie the other night!


I love the hair that sticks out over your ears because it's getting so long :)

Also this week you figured out how to steer your walker a bit. Today we took your walker down by the beach and you had THE BEST time chasing birds - the joy in your face was indescribable!!

You are starting to know what you want when it comes to food. Some days it's finger food only, some days you like a mix of things. We have tried a number of new finger foods this week though that you LOVED like meat balls with veggies, pancakes with banana, etc.

Happy Lady!!!

We had such a fun Mothers Day weekend. However Daddy and I think you may have said your first word on Mother's Day...... you crawled around the sofa - looked at him and said 'dada' !!
Now..... we MUST work on mama !!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

I had a WONDERFUL first Mothers Day - cards, flowers, gifts and a wonderful home cooked brunch - so so lovely :)
To celebrate - here are some photos from before Christmas that we had taken -
I'm FINALLY posting them!!!

I do love being a Mom to her - such a sweetie pie :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011