Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 44

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 44 weeks old!
Big Girl !
You found your backpack filled with stuff for day care and pulled bunny out.... which of course meant thumb in mouth. So cute that you crawled to the back of our table to sit and suck your thumb - looking at me like PUT ME TO BED - I'M TIRED!!! You are so so so good with the bunny, as soon as we give it to you you lay down and go to sleep - amazing!

We got you your first tooth brush this week. It's really just a plastic stub with bumps on it - but it's meant to give you the idea and lets us clean off your 'milk teeth.' I showed you how to do it on my own teeth, then you smiled wide and let me brush yours. Then of course you took it and did it yourself!!! Of course sometimes it ends up being chewed on like a lollipop too..... :)

You were obsessed with chewing the buttons on this onesie the other night!


I love the hair that sticks out over your ears because it's getting so long :)

Also this week you figured out how to steer your walker a bit. Today we took your walker down by the beach and you had THE BEST time chasing birds - the joy in your face was indescribable!!

You are starting to know what you want when it comes to food. Some days it's finger food only, some days you like a mix of things. We have tried a number of new finger foods this week though that you LOVED like meat balls with veggies, pancakes with banana, etc.

Happy Lady!!!

We had such a fun Mothers Day weekend. However Daddy and I think you may have said your first word on Mother's Day...... you crawled around the sofa - looked at him and said 'dada' !!
Now..... we MUST work on mama !!!


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