Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 52

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 52 weeks old!

We've been too busy to do a koala photo - but we did have a fun day out this week.
You didn't mind being all bundled up :)

We went into the city one day to meet my friend Suze who I haven't seen in AGES! It was great to catch up and introduce you to her and to meet her husband!

You had SO much fun on the ferry. You kept hiding behind the seats and then popping out to play peekaboo with me!

You also formed a strong bond (addiction) to this dolly this week. You would not go ANYWHERE without her - not even your high chair!

No you will NOT take her away!! I will hide her if I have to!

Happy messy lady - you went from refusing to eat anything I offered you on a spoon (it was a finger food only week) to handing us the spoon so WE could feed you! Interesting...

Hey Mama - what are you doing in there??

Showing off your spoon skills

All dressed up for your friend Chloe's birthday party - fun!

And finally - the walking has progressed! You are actually walking across the room now!! We were so excited we had to film it (don't mind the door stop in her mouth lol!)

Love you LOTS,

(1st birthday post to follow soon!)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 51

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 51 weeks old!
Well the BIGGEST news this week - you started walking! You are slowly getting the confidence to step off by yourself without my prompting. Today on your 51 week birthday you walked a few times all on your own. I can tell you are THRILLED with this new found independence.

You still love your walker though - we are lucky to be having such gorgeous 'winter' weather

But your stroller always draws you back.... MUST walk around the stroller & grab onto the wheels!

Chasing the birds!!! FUN

Happy LadyPracticing walking

We LOVE Manly - love that ocean view

Mama & Baby

Fun on the swings

Daddy's shampoo styling - straight out of Ferris Bueller

Baby shoe, Papa shoe

You have all of the sudden mastered all of your toys this week too. You put the shapes in the sorter, you place the rings on the stacker and you put the puzzle pieces back. With help, of course, but you totally 'get' how they work now! Such a smart lady :)

I CANNOT believe it's only 1 week until you are 1 year old. WOW. Times flies - what a great year it has been :)

Lots of Love,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Too exciting to wait for next week's post ..........

We have a walker!!!

50 weeks, 3 days - very exciting :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 50

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 50 weeks old !!
You are SO tall - you have actually gone up on the chart for height!

Yesterday we took your walker out to the park

You had fun chasing after all the dogs!

Chatty lady

Daddy was really happy to see you when we got home too - so he took some nice photos :)

Your new book from Joni tastes nice!

CLASSIC Genevieve photo - your 'huh'? face - ha ha - I love it!

Hey Dada! I'm in the kitchen!

What? I'm not doing anything!!

What? You're saying I shouldn't open the garbage and throw things out??

Ahhhh magnets are SO much fun

Hmmm what's in here....

Love those lashes

You are getting really good at feeding yourself!

And you are SO close to walking. The past month you have taken a few steps here and there. When you are holding and concentrating on a toy, sometimes you take a tiny step before sitting down. You also have walked towards me with a few steps now and then. And yesterday you were sitting in the middle of the room and when I looked back you were standing - wow! But you don't quite have the confidence yet to step off and start walking - I can tell it's not far off though!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The rest of the Minnesota pics

Ahhh Aunty Mariah's nose!

Joni's great comments she posted:
Genna to Kevin "...so then I told my Mom that I wanted to wear THIS outfit out on the lake, and she was like.... okay! .. so I wore it today!"

Such a lovely day to be out on the boat!

She enjoyed watching Johnny & Marcus jump into the lake

Genna helping Kevin & Grandpa fix the wheel on her car

I think the puppy kemosabe is trying to tell us to change her diaper....

Helping Great Aunt Joni with her phone

and cuddles with Great Grandma Sis

Saying hello to her 'first cousin's once removed' Kyle & Johnny -
I think we'll just call them cousins :)

Saying Hello to the puppy through glass

Look Gigi - I got some food on my hands!! (we like the name Gigi for Great Grandma:)

The boat is fun!

Kevin trying out Genna's pink camouflage hat

Genna & Grandma by the roses

Belly kisses are fun!

Ohhhhhhhhhh Grandma's roses are pretty!

Lots of laughs with Gigi - Genna thinks she is hilarious!

Cuddles with cousin Johnny

Presents with Diane

Truck riding is fun!

A day of shopping - fun!

Happy baby at the table - she is SO well behaved :)



Great Aunt Denise brought Genna this piano to play with - so so fun! Just like the one at home that she LOVES!!!

Denise, Jenny & Me

The lovely ballet piggy bank from Denise & Jenny - SO cute!

and Denise brought another fun walker/car - how exciting!

ahhhh this looks fun

Uncle Marcus is fun!


Happy Baby getting ready for bed

Genna in her 'My first Twins t-shirt' taking a walk with her uncle


She does love bubbles!

Marcus also delighted her with a bubble gun - it shot out bubbles like crazy!

Ohhhhh Hello Brock - what are you doing?

He was SO gentle with her - letting her pat him any time she wanted

soft puppy - she loved him SO much

Hey - what's going on in that car?

walk walk walk by the dogs!

Happy in the car with Gigi

Oh really Grandpa?

Lunch out with Great Aunt Joni

Loving her table mat from Grandma - clean and fun!

Mexican lunch out with the girls

I love my cup!

Shopping with Gigi

Genna in her pretty sleep sack

Hey - close that door!

Another fun dinner out

It was fun playing with Aunty Mariah too!

Cuddles from Great Grandma Sally

Is this my sleep bunny? No - it's her new super soft cuddly bunny from Denise and Jenny.

Grandpa is fun!

Singing in the car with Joni - she loved hearing 'The Wheels on the Bus'

Playing with Great Grandma Sally

And pulling all of the ziplocks out of the cupboard on our last day - fun!

We were THRILLED that my sister Megan's baby Alex arrived the day before we flew out

So tiny and so so cute - I just rewrapped him a little bit

Genna liked taking a peep at that cute little face too

Glowing New Mommy

Her first ever cousin - how exciting - I'm so glad she got to meet him :)

We had an amazing trip. Genna really bonded with everyone and had SUCH a blast.
When the plane was taxiing to take off from Minneapolis I burst into tears. It was so hard to leave, we just had SUCH a great trip. Genna looked up to see me crying and started to laugh and touched my face. That calmed me down - it was like she just knew that's what I needed. I do love that little pumpkin. At the end of the day she is Aussie but she is also a Minnesota girl :)