Friday, June 17, 2011

First B-Day Party

While in Minnesota we celebrated Genevieve's First Birthday!

Her first first birthday party started with dinner on the boat!

And cheerios from silly aunty Jani

Aunty Megan & Uncle Mike came too

Great Grandma Sis, Mommy, Genna & Great Grandma Sally

and another pic with Grandma Debi as well :)

I can drive!!

and back in the house - TWO birthday cakes! A cookie cake in honor of her Daddy (he loves these!) and a yummy carrot cake

Ohhhhh where to start?

So many gorgeous presents - such a lucky girl to have such a great family :)

Ohhhhh musical instruments! FUN!

Must taste the present.....

And Genevieve's first jewellery - a gorgeous ring with her birthstone!

Ohhhh Turkish shoes - too cool

Birthdays are FUN!

And a musical birthday cake toy - fabulous!!!

Yummy socks too

A birthday cake toy and a personal dvd player - what a lucky girl!

Ohhhh colorful clothing - her favorite!

Muscial Already

And fun new bath toys - hurry up Mama!

I want that ring!

The cards were pretty fun too!

And some fabulous new books!!!

Kisses for the birthday princess

A little dance with Great Grandma Sally

Megan showing off her lovely baby bump with Jani

4 Generations

she is SO loved!

SUCH a Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

And kisses from Jolie

SUCH a fun b-day party :)

B-day Video to come soon!!!


  1. Wish we could be with our dear Genevieve on July 5th in Australia. So happy to be able to celebrate her first birthday early- in Minnesota. We will be thinking of you on July 4th, as that is when Genna would have been born in America! Missing you both; glad that you arrived home safely. Hope your jet lag is minimal and your days are sunny. It was a joy having you both here for a visit.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Love your blog! Mo-I miss your blonde hair. Still lovely! Genevieve is so cute.