Monday, May 28, 2012

This past week

It's all about socks this week - practice makes perfect!

I got it Mama - now I'm doing it again!

Pat Pat Pat - she was patting and shushing and saying 'Dada Sleep!'

This week you are little miss bossy! During book time you said 'Dada Book! Mama - Lay Down' So we complied, Dada read you the book while I laid on the other side and listened with you.

One morning while eating breakfast, I sat down at your little table with you (as you usually ask me to saying 'Mama Sit' over and over until I do it). However, that particular morning you yelled 'NO Mama - off - Genveev seat!'

Dancing while eating - well, drumming :)

Expert on the iphone before she's even 2

Bad to sing while eating, I know - but I just thought it was SO cute that she knows the rain song!

While I was getting her dressed she grabbed a baby wipe and started wiping down puppy & baby - so sweet :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

One More Post!

I had to put up another post because I totally forgot to your biggest achievement this week!! You figured out how to put your socks on! So you spent a LOT of time last weekend taking your socks off just so you could put them back on :) I was very proud - except it's getting chilly outside so I keep reminding you to put them back on!
And of course last weekend we had more babychinos - of course :) You love it because it's fun to eat with a spoon - I like it because I get to enjoy my chai too and it's just steamed milk with a tiny bit of chocolate powder on top :)

Also, today when I picked you up from daycare Michelle was telling me how you know everyone's name in the whole room - all 3 carers and all the kids! Pretty cool! She also said you were playing with one of the babies in the room this afternoon (who is crawling) - you helped him up to the steps on the slide then pointed at it and said slide slide! So cute :)
The flower crafts you made me for Mother's Day :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend - you (and Dada) gave me lots of lovely presents, I had a facial & haircut, and we went out to lunch! We forgot to take pictures, but here you are Mother's Day afternoon hanging out back at home :)
  Counting Lady!

Today at the park in your cute jacket :)

At your playground 'shop'

Dancing this evening :)

Your newest word this week is Princess! We've been reading the Disney princess books Great Grandma Sally gave you in the past few weeks, and now you pick them out and say Princess!

Can you tell we're excited to go to Minnesota in 3 1/2 weeks???

Friday, May 11, 2012

22 Months!

Last weekend our house was being painted - so you and I went to the mall - we had a good time - we went on rides (like this) did some shopping, looked at puppies at the pet store, and had coffees (well you had a babychino) and of COURSE went to the park so you could go on the slide - it was a fun weekend AND our house is now painted (downstairs) - hooray!

Chilling out on our sofa on our new carpet - hooray! You love having a blanket over your legs now while you relax :)
Today you said 'painting Mama' so of course I said yes! You had a great time smearing your hands around in it - that's the fun part!

I couldn't choose just 1 video - so here's 4 !

Friday, May 4, 2012

22 Months - Tomorrow!

Last weekend we went to Manly to enjoy a nice sunny Autumn day!

You decided you didn't want to take a nap (had a small nap on the way there) so after pushing you around for awhile trying to encourage sleep I just gave up and said 'do you want some ice cream?' You screamed ICE CREAM - YES! Ha ha - so we went and got a little cup of vanilla. I LOVE that they gave us this free bib - kept every drop off your clothes. When you ate it down to the last sloppy bits I kept saying 'Genna are you finished' and you'd say NO - MINE! You loved it :)

Gosh you LOVE playing in the sand - you were thrilled when you found this hole someone had dug.

Sand - Wonderful Sand !
We also had a really long lovely skype with Grandma, Grandpa & Gigi on Sunday morning. We didn't bother changing out of our pajamas and just sat and chatted with them for ages - it was lovely. (our wifi was acting up though - thus why we had to have it plugged in and on the floor)
Gigi asked you 'Genevieve where's your belly?' so you pulled your pj top up and started rubbing your belly - HA HA!

Lunch and still in pjs - gotta love the weekend :) Some days you just want to sit and eat like a big girl at your table and sometimes you prefer your high chair - I leave that up to you. I don't mind, as long as you are eating in the ktichen!
Hiding Mama!

Gosh your hair is getting so long and pretty. It's a bit like a mullet as the sides are still catching up to the back, but I don't want to cut it - SO pretty!
Happy happy lady
Last night you found a straw in the kitchen and wanted to try it out with your milk - you had SO much fun and did a great job - no spills!

More Mama - More! You just love being pulled around in this baby pool filled with balls. You lay down and then yell for me to pull you around the house.

Singing the ABCs.
I tried to get you to sing Rock a Bye Baby too - but you prefer to hold your baby doll while singing that song. I love how you sort of mumble most of the words then yell out CRADLE at the appropriate times - adoreable!