Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend - you (and Dada) gave me lots of lovely presents, I had a facial & haircut, and we went out to lunch! We forgot to take pictures, but here you are Mother's Day afternoon hanging out back at home :)
  Counting Lady!

Today at the park in your cute jacket :)

At your playground 'shop'

Dancing this evening :)

Your newest word this week is Princess! We've been reading the Disney princess books Great Grandma Sally gave you in the past few weeks, and now you pick them out and say Princess!

Can you tell we're excited to go to Minnesota in 3 1/2 weeks???


  1. She is talking so wonderful, nice and clear what a brilliant child. Of course we all love to hear her say America and MINNESOTA! We are looking forward to both of you coming to Minnesota. All the pictures are wonderful both a beautiful mother and child. G. Gram

  2. Dear Monique and Genna,
    We are anxiously counting down the days until you come home! The blog hi-lighting our Granddaughter's many accomplishments makes us even more excited about your visit. Genna, we are so proud of how you are talking, dancing, singing, many developmental steps. MINNESOTA awaits you!Can't wait to be with you both!

    Love, Grandma and Grandpa