Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 24

Week 24

We felt/saw Jingle's first 'big' movements last night - we were quite impressed. There was a larger than fist size bump pushing up where we could actually see it without feeling it. Felt hard like a bum or a head, we think it was a bum. It moved from side to side, and then gave some big kicks that you could see through my skin - freaky! 

Birthday celebrations with Dadda - she was thrilled to get to come down in her pjs to open presents with him (i.e. boss him on how to do it) and have cake (she chose vanilla cake and vanilla frosting with blue candles :)

Showing off her new pjs :) Thanks Grandma & Grandpa

I'm done now - time for BOOKS!

This week we went to the 'Baby Proms' - Space Odyssey at the Opera House. It was fantastic as usual. Afterwards we got some gelato -  chocolate for Genna!

We also went to the Castle Hill Show - she chose the Ferris Wheel for a ride - fun and a good view of the whole fair.

She was most thrilled about the ice cream afterwards though :)

This weekend we took a trip to Manly beach too - gosh what a GORGEOUS Autumn day - just amazingly beautiful!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 23

23 Weeks :) It's officially uncomfortable for Genna and I when she sits on my lap and tries to lean back. We've had to change to a sit on on knee and rest on my arm :) Jingle is moving a lot every day, everything seems to be going well! Jingle is now the size of a grapefruit.
Dadda, Genna & Helen at the park while I was in Mexico
Cute :)
Dadda also took Genna to Manly beach
And to Targona Zoo (with ice cream too - fun!!)
Genna and I trying out my bday present from Helen - it makes veggies into pasta! I LOVE it!
SO yummy too! Sweet potato and zuchinni
Trying out the hair bun maker Joni sent back for her - SO cool - the perfect bun!
At the mall with Helen while Mama grocery shopped - fun with Peppa Pig!
She did her Mexican ladybug puzzle from Gigi Sis about 12 times the first day - so fun!
Pigtails with her new Dora clips from Grandma AND a headband of course :)
All dressed up for our annual tea party
With lamby
A small selection of the treats people brought - there was SO much! My mini crustless quiche went down well, and Helen's sandwiches were delicious!
The next day she decided to dress up again - with 'baby' Ellie
First movie at the theatre today
We went to see Peter Rabbit
It was great, we even brought our own little bags of popcorn :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Marcus and Amy's Mexican wedding

Me with the Grandmas at my welcome/birthday dinner in Puerto Vallarta - with Dada photo bombing

With Marcus too :)
Bumping bumps with Amy's sister Lisa. She's 31 weeks, I'm 21 weeks.
Breakfast the next morning with Grandma

Mariah and I by the pool
All dressed up for the rehearsal dinner my parents hosted

Mom and Dad did a lovely presentation about why people love each other

Everyone liked it including the bride & groom

We all enjoyed it
It was an AMAZING restaurant - fantastic service and wonderful food !!
My amazing dinner - I ate a bit too much because it was SO SO good

Loved the Mariachi band that came by our tables as well. It was a great night!!

Bridge nearby - the lights made it difficult to see but it was beautifully lit up

When we got back to the room we found a basket and thought oh a gift - turns out it was just my bra back from the cleaners ha ha! Lovely presentation :)
The next day I went shopping with Mom, Grandma & Johnny. This is the view looking back at the area where our resort is.

Famous Puerto Vallarta statue  - lovely

The view from the rooms down to the pool and ocean - just a stunning resort

And the view from the Presidential suite my parents upgrade Amy & Marcus to for their wedding night.
All dressed up for the wedding, waiting for the buses to arrive that would take us there

With Dad's cousin Faye as well
Me, Mariah & Jenny

Faye with the Grandmas

The aunties & mother of the groom (Jani, Joni, Mom & Sue)

Mom & I
WOW what a view from the restaurant down to the ceremony site (my picture)

The photographer's picture - wow!

Champagne ready to toast

Dad & Mom

I love the hearts of grass :)
Marcus coming down to the wedding site

His friend officiated the ceremony - he did a GREAT job

The bridesmaids working their way down

Lisa, Amy's sister Lisa

Amy coming down with her Dad

Professional shot I love

Marcus explaining that he was going to write Amy a song, but found one that fit the occasion perfectly

Amy sang too - it was lovely

We were all sobbing, so lovely

Lovely vows they wrote themselves too

We're married!!
And then a surprise for the guests.....
A mariachi band appeared out of nowhere - fantastic!

They sounded great too, SO Mexican!

Time to pose for formal photos

Amy's family

And my family :)

I love this pic!

The whole wedding - fun to have a group picture!!!

Groomsmen Johnny & Kyle
Cute :)

The lovely wedding party
Gorgeous spot for photos

This is my favorite shot
This is where we ate dinner - QUITE a view!
It looked lovely at night too
Dad & Marcus
Sunset view from our table
And Grandma photos!
Lots of clinking glasses for a kiss !!
The lovely dessert, it was a vanilla mousse with passionfruit & strawberry - delicious!
First Dance
Mother/Son ddance
Joni & I
Me with cousin Jenny

Brunch the next day with my Grandmas
Saying goodbye to Johnny, Grandma Sally & Kyle as they waited for their airport transfer
They left int he morning and I left in the afternoon.
What a fantastic trip! Wonderful wedding, so great to catch up with family, and wow relaxing to fly by myself ha ha (well, just me and our quiet inside baby:) So so glad I went :)