Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 24

Week 24

We felt/saw Jingle's first 'big' movements last night - we were quite impressed. There was a larger than fist size bump pushing up where we could actually see it without feeling it. Felt hard like a bum or a head, we think it was a bum. It moved from side to side, and then gave some big kicks that you could see through my skin - freaky! 

Birthday celebrations with Dadda - she was thrilled to get to come down in her pjs to open presents with him (i.e. boss him on how to do it) and have cake (she chose vanilla cake and vanilla frosting with blue candles :)

Showing off her new pjs :) Thanks Grandma & Grandpa

I'm done now - time for BOOKS!

This week we went to the 'Baby Proms' - Space Odyssey at the Opera House. It was fantastic as usual. Afterwards we got some gelato -  chocolate for Genna!

We also went to the Castle Hill Show - she chose the Ferris Wheel for a ride - fun and a good view of the whole fair.

She was most thrilled about the ice cream afterwards though :)

This weekend we took a trip to Manly beach too - gosh what a GORGEOUS Autumn day - just amazingly beautiful!


  1. I love the posts that show how baby Jingle is growing; the story about watching the movement reminds me of the joy and anticipation surrounding the wonders of birth. You look cute in your jammies, Genna. Monique, you are a beautiful preegnant. Happy birthday to our wonderful son-in-law! Hope your celebration was fun, Murray! Here's wishing you an outstanding week!!XXOO
    Love, Deb and John

  2. Favorite Genna bosses Dada on how to open his gifts! Too hoo hoo funny!!
    Great Auntie Jani