Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 26

Last weekend we went to see GrandDad
And Nanna! (and Genna wanted pictures with both of them with her baby seal)

picture with Dadda too :)

I love this pic :)
Genna brought along a puzzle to do with GrandDad
She enjoyed watching
Helped a bit
And played around a bit :)
But they finally finished it together!
The next day we went out for a lovely lunch in town
While we were packing up the car to head back home Genna set this up - her bed and baby blanket apparently! It was a great visit :)

Back at home she dressed her puppy with headbands, clips, etc (notice the feather headband...) and was VERY proud of herself 
The next morning before school she ran outside to see a huge rainbow with Dadda - exciting
The roses Genna picked from our bushes
Pretty girl, pretty flowers :)
Week 26 - Genna wanted to be in the photos with me this week
Everyone has been commenting that I have 'popped' - I guess so - I just feel huge!
Jingle has been moving a LOT these past 2 weeks. Mostly arching back against my stomach (OMG tight!) and big hard lumps popping out (head? bum?). Still a few kicks a day, but much more shifting. Genna got to be the 'doctor' at my appointment this week - my ob gave her the wand and she got to put it on my belly and 'find' the heartbeat -she had a HUGE smile and was totally thrilled.

We had a cute conversation in the car this week. She was talking about how it was getting dark outside (daylight savings has kicked in). I pointed out to her that the sun was going down, then the moon and stars come out. She said 'When the stars come out I want to come out and make a wish so my dreams will come true' ahhhh so sweet


  1. I was anxiously awaiting the baby bump picture; how precious that Genna was kissing Jingle! I also love the photo of you and Genna; great job, Murray!

    Looks like you had a very good visit to Nana's and Grand Dad's. Nice photos of Genna with each of them; how sweet!

    The roses in your yard are gorgeous and I am glad that Genna already has an appreciation for flowers. How lucky you are to be able to grow huge and colorful roses like that! Lovely!

    Last but not least, I cannot believe how much Murray looks like his father. In that photo where they are walking side-by-side on the street and wearing sunglasses, it is so apparent that Murray is his father's son. Have a great week and thanks for taking the time to do the blog.
    Love, Grandma and Grandma

  2. many precious in this post! How great is GrandDad, getting right down on the floor to play! And your roses are GORGEOUS! What's your secret?? You certainly have your Mom's green thumb! And your new profile pic with Genna....wonderful! And the Jingle stories are so exciting!
    Thanks again for making my week!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. Each and every photo is beyond incredible! So much fun to scroll through. And to top it off with Genna kissing/touching Jingle is absolutely priceless! Thank you!
    G.A. Joni

  4. You look beautiful pregnant, and Genna with touching the baby is so precious, miss you both so much.
    Love you, GiGi