Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visit with Nanna & GrandDad

A few weeks ago we went to visit Nanna & GrandDad for the weekend.
On the Saturday we had a lovely lunch out!
I got pizza - fun!

I love it :)

GrandDad's yummy looking meal too!
and lovely coffee to finish

Genevieve wasn't in the mood for a group photo though
My own straw too
Dessert - yummmm

A lovely group photo as we were heading back to the car :)

Listening intently to GrandDad's instructions
AND this is Baba :)

Tickles with Nanna

Books with GrandDad

Surfing at the park - fun!

Showing off the new steps Dadda & GrandDad made for Genevieve
Just the perfect size!! Lovely :)
And one funny story. Genevieve was pretending to put 'makeup' on by wiping a coaster around her face. She said 'I put lips on it?' (her chapstick). I said no Genna - we don't put chapstick on that - just use it as pretend makeup. So she said 'Come Nanna, I tell you a secret' and took her hand and led her to another room (out of my sight!). She went to do it again - while looking at Nanna - 'I do it now?' Nanna said No Genna, Mama said not to. So she took Nanna's hand and led her to another room - and shut the door - 'I do it now?' She did this in a few rooms before deciding it wasn't going to happen. When she came out I said Genevieve - we only tell NICE secrets. She sighed and went off to do something else. Ha ha - amazing to see her little brain at work - that maybe a different room would mean a different outcome - sneaky little thing :)

Catch Up

On Saturday when Dadda was working we made our way to the mall

Genna was thrilled to see her friend Chloe!

cute :)

There was a fashion show on near the food court - the girls LOVED it!

I see you Chloe :)

Later that afternoon we went to the beach for a bit - and tried out our new sun shelter! Gave us a welcome break from the hot hot sun!

The next day we went to check out the water park by Darling Harbour

Every 5 minutes Genna would run back to me and say 'I'm having a great time!!!' lol
she loved splashing around 
The other day we decided to color a fox mask

And she enjoyed some morning Dadda cuddles :)

I also tried out a braid for the first time - so cute :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Last pics of Easter Break (better late than never!)

We went for a catch up with friends Cassie & Hamish and their boys gave Genna this bunny - she was in HEAVEN!
Lyn with baby Kameko

Genna playing nicely next to Kameko.

Zephyr giving his sister a cuddle

She is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!
After our visit we made our way down to the beach - SUCH a gorgeous day!
Later on our last day of Easter break we had some fun outside with the little splash pool - as this warm weather won't last too much longer!!

Then another Easter package arrived - from Grandma & Grandpa - very exciting! Especially the Princess stickers

And Hello Kitty - YAY!!

I LOVE her!!

Then it was time to get back to work !
I'm busy typing Mama!
 (I bring up word and make the type big so she can type a few letters and numbers - which she LOVES!)
Time for some Easter egg dyeing

YAY finished!! (she ate them too - so fun!)

And finally, some Genevieve dancing

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter Day

Exciting - my Easter card!
Ohhhh cute

posing :)
The hunt !
Ohhhh what's back there?
Found it!
Ohhhh a chick too!
Super cute Easter bag (and chick & bunny hunt!) from Nanna
Chocolate too - YAY!!!!
Wind this up for me please! (we had bunny/chick races!)

Happy Easter girl :)
AND bossy Easter girl
Right there!
Chocolate Hands
Present time from Aunty Helen
Ahhhh I LOVE chocolate!!
Setting up the chocolate chicks

Help me open it please Nanna
Painting time!


A very fun day :)

Happy Easter from Genevieve