Monday, April 22, 2013

Last pics of Easter Break (better late than never!)

We went for a catch up with friends Cassie & Hamish and their boys gave Genna this bunny - she was in HEAVEN!
Lyn with baby Kameko

Genna playing nicely next to Kameko.

Zephyr giving his sister a cuddle

She is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!
After our visit we made our way down to the beach - SUCH a gorgeous day!
Later on our last day of Easter break we had some fun outside with the little splash pool - as this warm weather won't last too much longer!!

Then another Easter package arrived - from Grandma & Grandpa - very exciting! Especially the Princess stickers

And Hello Kitty - YAY!!

I LOVE her!!

Then it was time to get back to work !
I'm busy typing Mama!
 (I bring up word and make the type big so she can type a few letters and numbers - which she LOVES!)
Time for some Easter egg dyeing

YAY finished!! (she ate them too - so fun!)

And finally, some Genevieve dancing

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  1. So fun to see the Easter celebration and Cassie and Hamish's little Kamiko! However, the star of the day is of course GENEVIEVE! Loved the beach fun,back yard water works, egg coloring, Hello Kitty arriving, and of course the DANCING! Thanks. Made my day.
    Love, Grandma