Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visit with Nanna & GrandDad

A few weeks ago we went to visit Nanna & GrandDad for the weekend.
On the Saturday we had a lovely lunch out!
I got pizza - fun!

I love it :)

GrandDad's yummy looking meal too!
and lovely coffee to finish

Genevieve wasn't in the mood for a group photo though
My own straw too
Dessert - yummmm

A lovely group photo as we were heading back to the car :)

Listening intently to GrandDad's instructions
AND this is Baba :)

Tickles with Nanna

Books with GrandDad

Surfing at the park - fun!

Showing off the new steps Dadda & GrandDad made for Genevieve
Just the perfect size!! Lovely :)
And one funny story. Genevieve was pretending to put 'makeup' on by wiping a coaster around her face. She said 'I put lips on it?' (her chapstick). I said no Genna - we don't put chapstick on that - just use it as pretend makeup. So she said 'Come Nanna, I tell you a secret' and took her hand and led her to another room (out of my sight!). She went to do it again - while looking at Nanna - 'I do it now?' Nanna said No Genna, Mama said not to. So she took Nanna's hand and led her to another room - and shut the door - 'I do it now?' She did this in a few rooms before deciding it wasn't going to happen. When she came out I said Genevieve - we only tell NICE secrets. She sighed and went off to do something else. Ha ha - amazing to see her little brain at work - that maybe a different room would mean a different outcome - sneaky little thing :)


  1. Sweet photos of Genevieve and her loving Australian Grandparents! Those steps that Murray and Peter made are engineering feats...way above the curve! Good job, men!

    Genevieve is always evolving and thinking...that is a good sign of cognitive development. Spoken like a grandparent, with pride!

    Love, Grandpa and Grandma

  2. That story is too hoo hoo funny!! Such a clever little girl (that should be said with a sassy British accent)! And I love the picture listening to GrandDad with her new little braid do! Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani