Monday, March 30, 2015

37 Weeks

Such a big boy :)
We've had a tough few weeks with you cutting your top 2 middle teeth - but that smile always cheers me up in the morning :)

Looking I'm starting to get better at rolling my body!
So grabby lol!
Gosh she's looking SO grown up!

Avocado is still definitely his favourite! He'd eat a whole one every day if I let him!
Genna decorated Dadda's birthday cake!

And she picked out a present for him all by herself! (well, a bit of help from me...) and made a card!
It was her wrapping paper choice though!
It's Velcro gloves with a sticky tennis ball - a game they can play together. And she chose a big bouncy black ball for throwing around.

Murray dressed up for a birthday dinner with his parents
Here GrandDad try this!
The carnage after I let him chew on a teething biscuit (hard thick breadstick basically) while I shop. It keeps him happy while I shop though and feels great on his gums!

Last week we went to Luna Park (an amusement park) with friends - there was even a petting zoo that day!

But the rides were the BEST!
Genna's first time there - she was thrilled!
Checking herself in the mirror ha ha
With her friend Max !
I'm in space!!
Max and Genna rode every ride together - they had a great time!

I tried to get a picture of Mr. Vampire teeth - you can see them here, along with an apple skin!
Max, Genna, Alannah and Ashton
On the big ferris wheel with Max

She LOVED the view - harbour bridge and the Opera House!!

YAY ice creams - such a fun day with friends!!
The gang: Alannah, Toby, Max, Genna & Ashton
They went the 5 kids rides at least 5 times each, they really had a blast
Ahhhhh - Genna said Max is her new best friend :)
Back at home with a new Easter bunny
And Max in a girly bib cuddling with Nanna
Working on this rolling thing
He can get over on his arm just far enough to grab things on his own now - but once he flops onto his stomach he gets upset because he doesn't know how to get back!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 36

I accidentally took this picture last week, a week ahead, oops! I thought it was a cute cowboy like pose anyway ;)

Always happy :)

I love that you have started reaching for me this week. You are happy to be held by other people, but when you want to come back to me you lean your body forward and hold out for arms :)

You are my little avocado fiend lately - you eat it SO quickly and never drop any on the ground! I cut it into small squares because you shove it in your mouth so fast!!

Max in his St. Patrick's Day outfit
And Genna in hers :) She wanted to do a ballet pose rather than a ninja, but loves the shirt (thanks Grandpa & Grandma:)

I was trying to get a photo of our little vampire:) Both top eye teeth have popped through but nothing in the middle yet!

Dude, Mama, enough photos! Ha ha - cute shirt though.

There's lots of love between them :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 35

Happy boy at 35 weeks
You're loving your toes this week - fun to hold onto them & even try to chew on them sometimes
Ahhhh too bad the one cute smiling pic is blurry! Oh well, still cute
Genna told Helen that she thinks Max's hair will go flat with he's big like Dadda, we shall see!
Genna's artwork on display. That's me at the top, the 4 of us in the middle, and the bottom pic is Max (as you can tell from the hair!).

Happiest girl EVER when I said she could have the last few bites of ice cream directly from the tub for dessert :) 'WOW but I've never done this before!!'

And happiest boy ever when he has balloons to play with - FUN!!