Sunday, September 30, 2012

While Dada was away .....

Last weekend, while Dada was in America for business, we headed out to the Opera House with Aunty Helen. We got there early so we could relax in the nearby park and play with bubbles!

I do it!
SO PRETTY! She was thrilled to put this skirt on


They must do this at daycare? Because she said 'Sit - Back - Helen!'
Baby Chino before the show

Mixing !

Waiting for the show to start. We went to see the 'Baby Proms' - Nursery Rhymes. Genna's first live show - AWESOME that it was at the Opera House!!

She sat with this face for the whole half an hour. She didn't sing, but I think was just in awe and soaked it all in! It was a great show - they had 5 instruments (keyboard, cello, trumpet, clarinet and drums ) and a performer who sang the nursery rhymes, dressed up in costumes and used some cool props. An EXCELLENT show - we were very impressed (it was designed for 2-5 year olds to introduce them to live music!).

Later that day in Manly - with an ice cream - yummmmm!

Sand Singing

At the beach - Genna, Helen & Chloe

Back in the car - can you tell she put on her sunglasses herself? Ha - cute!

The next day we drove down to Cronulla for a first b-day party - the beach was lovely!
Genna playing in the sandbox with birthday boy Sam


Happy Lady - back at home with 'hoot' 'little puppy' and 'kangaroo'
Lately you have LOVED helping me cook as well
When Dada got back you set to work helping him inflate your castle a bit more
I know what I'm doing !

You new favorite resting spot on the sofa


Row Row - In a Boat !

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Videos, Etc

Concentrating hard on your new fishing game - you figured it out too!

I'm a Princess!! You were very happy to find this crow from Denise in your room :)

HANGING! You love doing this, and yelling 'hanging'

Cool Dude

I'm a Rock Star ..... (everyone in Starbucks was ahhhhing over how CUTE you look in these glasses :)

In Sydney's Hyde Park enjoying a cookie from starbucks - yummmm
AND off to the same spot to enjoy your baby chino

A whiz at iphone games already! You LOVE this puzzle game called Tozzle

Singing with Joni (on skype)

SO pretty - part 2 :) 

At the beach this weekend - some very windy singing and 'drum' playing

Playdough singing - and a video to show how hard it is for me to now film you as you always want to come and watch yourself on the camera :)

A cute story from a few days ago
You skinned your knee a little bit when we were outside, but at the time it didn't bother you. However, when I took you to take a bath you were VERY upset as it stung when water got on the burn.
I quickly washed you off, then took you downstairs, and Dada got out a Wiggles band aid to put on your owie. You were still upset though - just pointing at the band aid and yelling, because you KNEW there was an owie there.
Upstairs you asked for Woof Woof, so I quickly put a band aid on his knee too. You were VERY happy to see this.
Dada reported that later you had a little conversation with Woof Woof .....
'Woof woof look, band aid, owie (pointing at woof woof's band aid), Genevieve owie too, band aid all better (pointing at her own band aid).'
Ahhhhhhh so sweet :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last 2 Weekends :)

The weekend before last we went to Taronga Zoo with Helen !

Koalas - YAY!
Riding the elephant - FUN!

pat pat

On the Sky Safari with Dada


Last weekend - helping Dada in the garden - DIRTY HANDS! (You would ask to wash them off with the hose, then you would run back and coat them in dirt again - fun!)

Helping Dad fill the holes with water

Look Mama - Bird!
We have 2 of these who come to our pool nearly every day and tilt over to have a drink (this is a Galah)
Our gazebo started like this when we bought the house.....
To this (OMG that isn't safe..... this was some guy the lady who bought it paid to take the gazebo down)
To this....

And now last weekend - where the bushes used to be

Where they are now! Hopefully they will form into a nice hedge
Goodbye gazebo which didn't suit out yard - hello more area to have lovely grass :)

 'Hello Dada, what doing? babble babble, Bye bye!'

Helping Mama Cook

MIXING!!! (I love that I can say SMILE GENNA and you make this face - too cute! TEETH!)

Playing at the playground in Bondi with Anna last weekend

Walking with Ali & Dada
You sure are a funny lady!! Tonight you said 'Milk Cup?'
I said 'Ok Genna - but what's the nice word?
'Please Mama'
'Ok you can have a small one'
'No Mama - Big one -  Big milk cup!'
ha ha - ok - how can i resist that? so cute

Lately you like to grab one of your little handbags as well and say 'Bye Mama, Genevieve Shopping, Later!'
and you walk off all purposeful :)

 You also have started telling me 'Genevieve Bus, Work, Later!' and walk off to go to work on the bus - just like Dada!

(you say later as in 'see you later')