Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last 2 Weekends :)

The weekend before last we went to Taronga Zoo with Helen !

Koalas - YAY!
Riding the elephant - FUN!

pat pat

On the Sky Safari with Dada


Last weekend - helping Dada in the garden - DIRTY HANDS! (You would ask to wash them off with the hose, then you would run back and coat them in dirt again - fun!)

Helping Dad fill the holes with water

Look Mama - Bird!
We have 2 of these who come to our pool nearly every day and tilt over to have a drink (this is a Galah)
Our gazebo started like this when we bought the house.....
To this (OMG that isn't safe..... this was some guy the lady who bought it paid to take the gazebo down)
To this....

And now last weekend - where the bushes used to be

Where they are now! Hopefully they will form into a nice hedge
Goodbye gazebo which didn't suit out yard - hello more area to have lovely grass :)

 'Hello Dada, what doing? babble babble, Bye bye!'

Helping Mama Cook

MIXING!!! (I love that I can say SMILE GENNA and you make this face - too cute! TEETH!)

Playing at the playground in Bondi with Anna last weekend

Walking with Ali & Dada
You sure are a funny lady!! Tonight you said 'Milk Cup?'
I said 'Ok Genna - but what's the nice word?
'Please Mama'
'Ok you can have a small one'
'No Mama - Big one -  Big milk cup!'
ha ha - ok - how can i resist that? so cute

Lately you like to grab one of your little handbags as well and say 'Bye Mama, Genevieve Shopping, Later!'
and you walk off all purposeful :)

 You also have started telling me 'Genevieve Bus, Work, Later!' and walk off to go to work on the bus - just like Dada!

(you say later as in 'see you later')


  1. The first zoo photo brought tears to my eyes... so beautiful!!
    Then, the phone conversation video brought me tears of laughter! The babbling is hysterical and cuter than cute!!
    Have to Skype soon to listen to that talking!
    Love you all,
    ~Auntie Joni

  2. How I love the picture of Genevieve with the hat and the poka dot pink coat, this could be a model. Looks like she loves the zoo, who wouldn't it is one of the most beautiful in the world, glad you enjoy it. Love the video keep them coming, makes us feel a little closer. Love G. Gram

  3. Now who is modeling the phone calls to Murray for Genna? Hmmmmmmm...must be the neighbors?
    : ) Genna is so precocious and smart! Have a great week!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  4. Can't believe you wrote "babble babble" for Genna's phone call. It's perfectly clear that she says, "Hello Dada? What doing? Hey, can St. Nick take me? Is that alright? You do that fine. Have me rad peep take with you. Sasquach. Jaguar. Jaguar addict. Ok. Bye bye."
    You just have to pay more attention!!!
    Love you!

  5. The photo of the he by chance sitting in the old gum tree? And is he a merry, merry king of the bush? Is he?
    Great Auntie Jani