Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Australia Day

My Mexican bean dip on our Aussie table - it was a huge hit - yummmm!

Cool Australia shaped crackers!

yummm fruit stick!

'feeding' woof woof

and a little drink for baba


and her favorite people to push her in her car - Amelia & Clara

Clara drawing with Genna

Chalk is fun!!

Hmmm it's on my hands

Get it off Mama!!

puzzle time

and a little play with her truck

photo with Dada & Mama, shame she has a mouth full of sausage!!

Steve in his awesome Australia Day umbrella hat

Me & Selina

Clara & Amelia enjoying the pool

Murray pushing Amelia on the pool seat

and Helen with a cool hat!

cute girls with cute tattos!


and Selina's AMAZING pavlova for dessert - decorated beautifully by Amelia & Clara

Yummmm it was so so so so good

Genna with an Aussie flag covering her face

and covering Helen's face

and on the floor :)

A really fun day with really great friends - the perfect Australia Day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

They dressed up at Genna's daycare this week to celebrate Chinese New Year

They chose a blue outfit for Genna to match her eyes - so pretty :)

We also had some fun painting at home

It is SO much fun to make a mess!!!

We also went to Manly one day to catch up with our friends Rita (who is due any day now!), Lindsay, Chloe & Louisa

Genna keeping an eye on Chloe

Yummm rice crackers at the beach

Back at home that afternoon - she worked on pulling both toys at once

and dive bombing her sofa

SO fun to climb over the back!!!

She also helped Dada test out his new massage chair

It's A-OK Dada!

Now - push me in my CAR!!!

She also stayed home from daycare one day this week after having a rough night's 'sleep'

sometimes its just nice to relax with Sesame Street

Every time we get in the car she grabs an armful of her friends to come with - this is the usual crowd - Baba, Woof Woof and Baby

Other things....
She loves to tuck her puppy into 'bed' before heading to bed herself. We have a makeshift bed (just for puppy, near her cot) where she lays her down, tucks her in with a blanket and they lays down and kisses and cuddles her before saying SHUSSSSSH and heading off to her own cot to go to sleep. So so so sweet.

She has initiated the first stages of potty training herself! I never thought we'd start this early, but she has started telling me when she has done a 'pee pee' or a 'poo poo.' So we got a couple little potty chairs, which so far she just likes to sit in and use a piece of tissue to 'wipe.' But - its a start!

Australia Day blog to come soon!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!



Hello Dolly

And 'woof woof'

she does LOVE to put on hand sanitizer - ha ha

check me OUT!

Cool dude with her cool puppy

All dressed up for Granddad's party

80 Cheers for 80 Years!

She didn't notice a clip had been snuck into her hair - she HATES when we put clips in her hair but they are sooooooooooo cute

An amazing bonsai from Helen

Me, Genna & Nanna (Lyn)

The bonsai up close - pretty!

What's this?

>Ohhhh a new electric motor for his boat from us - fun :)

Pretty Lady

Father & Son

Murray & Peter & Helen

and me

and Jocelyn

Lyn & Peter with their friends we had over for lunch

We made a Sunday roast - veggies, lamb, chicken, mushy peas

and Yorkshire Puddings of course!

Jenny & Lyn

Nice Cake!

With Helen who brought the amazing cake

A lovely celebration (Genna was sleeping:)

Finally the little lady got up after a 3 hour sleep!

Snuggles with Baba

Ohhh that chocolate cake on her lips gives it away - she LOVED it - sooooo yummy

It was a great celebration - great to celebrate Peter's birthday together!