Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!



Hello Dolly

And 'woof woof'

she does LOVE to put on hand sanitizer - ha ha

check me OUT!

Cool dude with her cool puppy

All dressed up for Granddad's party

80 Cheers for 80 Years!

She didn't notice a clip had been snuck into her hair - she HATES when we put clips in her hair but they are sooooooooooo cute

An amazing bonsai from Helen

Me, Genna & Nanna (Lyn)

The bonsai up close - pretty!

What's this?

>Ohhhh a new electric motor for his boat from us - fun :)

Pretty Lady

Father & Son

Murray & Peter & Helen

and me

and Jocelyn

Lyn & Peter with their friends we had over for lunch

We made a Sunday roast - veggies, lamb, chicken, mushy peas

and Yorkshire Puddings of course!

Jenny & Lyn

Nice Cake!

With Helen who brought the amazing cake

A lovely celebration (Genna was sleeping:)

Finally the little lady got up after a 3 hour sleep!

Snuggles with Baba

Ohhh that chocolate cake on her lips gives it away - she LOVED it - sooooo yummy

It was a great celebration - great to celebrate Peter's birthday together!


  1. Happy Birthday, Grandad Peter!!!
    And please tell Helen that my birthday's in September and I LOVE chocolate!!! That cake looks amazingly yummy!
    Genna is adorable... especially with crumbs as makeup!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Joni

  2. What a wonderful birthday celebration for Peter! So good of Genevieve to sleep peacefully through the meal,too. Looks like a grand time was had by all. Congratulations and wishes for a healthy and happy year to come,too.

    Love, John and Deb