Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

They dressed up at Genna's daycare this week to celebrate Chinese New Year

They chose a blue outfit for Genna to match her eyes - so pretty :)

We also had some fun painting at home

It is SO much fun to make a mess!!!

We also went to Manly one day to catch up with our friends Rita (who is due any day now!), Lindsay, Chloe & Louisa

Genna keeping an eye on Chloe

Yummm rice crackers at the beach

Back at home that afternoon - she worked on pulling both toys at once

and dive bombing her sofa

SO fun to climb over the back!!!

She also helped Dada test out his new massage chair

It's A-OK Dada!

Now - push me in my CAR!!!

She also stayed home from daycare one day this week after having a rough night's 'sleep'

sometimes its just nice to relax with Sesame Street

Every time we get in the car she grabs an armful of her friends to come with - this is the usual crowd - Baba, Woof Woof and Baby

Other things....
She loves to tuck her puppy into 'bed' before heading to bed herself. We have a makeshift bed (just for puppy, near her cot) where she lays her down, tucks her in with a blanket and they lays down and kisses and cuddles her before saying SHUSSSSSH and heading off to her own cot to go to sleep. So so so sweet.

She has initiated the first stages of potty training herself! I never thought we'd start this early, but she has started telling me when she has done a 'pee pee' or a 'poo poo.' So we got a couple little potty chairs, which so far she just likes to sit in and use a piece of tissue to 'wipe.' But - its a start!

Australia Day blog to come soon!!


  1. Love the blue costume! Sounds like a wonderful day care!! And is there anything cuter than Genna chillin' out on her little chair in front of Sesame Street?! She sounds like a regular little Mommy with all her own babies, tucking them in and such. So darling!!
    Love and miss you all,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. YAY on the potty training!! So very close!!
    Would love to see video of Genna putting her puppy to bed!
    You all have a wonderful weekend! It's off to the races for us!
    Love you,
    Aunt Joni
    PS - the blue Chinese New Year outfit was stunning!

  3. Dear Monique,
    Fun to see you with Rita and Lindsay again in Manly Beach. Loved Genna's Chinese New Year robe, as well as seeing her painting. Murray's massage chair looks relaxing and like a wonderful edition to your home. Also good to see that Genna still enjoys her pink car. All the posts were fun to see. Take care. Love you. XXOO