Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve Day - fun with blocks!

Marcus made the Norwegian dessert lefse (potato pancakes spread with butter and sprinkled with sugar & cinnamon). He made it from scratch and WOW was it yummy! We have it every Christmas in Minnesota :)

A very weird bug Murray spotted in the garden

YAY Christmas breakfast!

playing piano with Aunty Helen

Oh I like this ornament

Christmas lady in her cute dress & hat from her Minnesota Grandma & Grandpa

and more piano with Daddy

time to dance a bit

Ohhhhh duplo blocks - FUN!

A little rest with Mama & Baba

AND a bit more dancing

lovely bookends


Hey Dada - check out my drawing with my new crayons & book from Nanna & Granddad

attempting to put her cute new shirt on her legs


Loving her cool googly frog eyes book

What's in here?

A dolly stroller - YAY!!!

Everyone admiring their calendars with Murray's photographs

Checking out the sofa with dolly

Here baba - you can have a ride too

A lovely Christmas :)

with my brother Marcus too of course!

Nanna, Genna & Granddad

Christmas afternoon Peter, Murray & Helen took Marcus to a nearby beach where kangaroos hang around

Licking her pouch to clean it


Those could do some damage

Murray & his Dad checking out the view

Marcus running into the surf for a swim


Murray & his Dad Peter

Murray & Marcus cooling off in the ocean

a little snack

The annual Christmas cake was dedicated to Marcus this year and WOW was it YUMMY!!!!

We had a lovely Christmas lunch, followed by pavlova - fabulous!

Later in the afternoon we took Genna to the beach - the tide had just been in though so the sand was very damp. It was a LITTLE bit windy - ha ha!

FUN to make a mess!

Hmmm what else can I do?

Dig & splash!


All that activity called for a rest with Uncle Marcus when we got back to the house

She love love loves her stroller - puppy is the perfect size to push around!

Genna by our new SUV - cute & cute!

Happy Lady - it was such a nice Christmas :)


  1. Oh man....where to start with such a fabulous set of photos!! I LOVE her darling Christmas dress, and the family photo while she is chewing on Baba is priceless, and her little Croc's in the sand, and squishing the sand, and sitting on the couch chilling with Uncle Marcus, so darling, and such a big girl pushing around the stroller........thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!!!
    Love and miss you,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Ditto... THANK YOU!!!
    Greatest Auntie Joni ;o)