Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Show

The first thing Genna wanted to do at the Easter Show - see Dirt Girl live :) It's a show on kids tv here about a girl who likes dirt and has a garden etc!

Next was the best spot - the Farmyard Nursery!

She liked feeding the baby goats and sheep

She only got upset when a big sheet came towards her, memories of last year I guess when she got surrounded by a few big sheep and was backing away and they followed her cause she was still holding the food!

Getting brave and letting them lick it off of her hand :)

We had fun :)
I love the official pic - so cute

Genna also asked to go watch sheep shearing - she was fascinated by the whole thing!

On to a dagwood dog for lunch (corndog)

The ride she chose was a massive ferris wheel - she didn't feel like posing but it was fun (and quite fast!)

And of course we had to get some ice cream :)
Dirty clothes after a day at school - but she wanted to show off her Minnesota Moccasins :) Nice as slippers and good for outside! (they fit perfectly now Joni!!)

She said PLEASE can I eat my dinner in the garage so I can watch Dadda? I said sure, why not?

She has been helping Dadda a lot in his big garage clean up, but also likes just watching and chatting while he works

At the park burning off some energy with Dadda - she can hold on by herself for ages - SUCH strong arms!
And off with Dadda to her favorite place - Bunnings :)
He said she was SO excited when she spotted the store that she was yelling BUNNINGS BUNNINGS and kicking her feet - ha ha

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter / Week 27

Posing with the train she made - sparkles the horse is the driver!
And the train again - with pony as the driver now. She taped all the bowls together and was very proud of herself (her idea!)
Supervising the workers in our backyard - she pulled a chair out to just sit and watch them :)
Easter morning! Bunny pancakes to start the day
Time for the egg hunt
Found it!

Any back here?

Ahhh maybe deep in the grass (Helen i.e. the Easter Bunny, did a great job hiding them out of the sun as it was quite warm out!)


Showing us what she found :)
TWO !!

After 4 years of numerous photos she sure knows how to pose :)

A beautiful sunny day and SO much fun hunting for eggs :)

Back inside opening gifts from Nanna & GrandDad - my first egg cup - exciting!

Back in the kitchen putting wrappers on boiled eggs (I forgot to buy white eggs to dye - oops!)

She was happy with the wrappers and stands Grandma sent though :)

Loving my  new dress too - I'm the Easter Bunny!
She had a blast playing with aunty Helen too!

Trying out the egg cup with one of her boiled eggs
And me - 27 weeks! Today is the start of the third trimester - WOW had time flown!
I forgot to tell the story last week how Genna likes to talk to Jingle through my belly button - like it's a microphone! Quite funny. She gets her mouth right up close - usually to say 'it's time to come out now Jingle.' Ummm no - not yet!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 26

Last weekend we went to see GrandDad
And Nanna! (and Genna wanted pictures with both of them with her baby seal)

picture with Dadda too :)

I love this pic :)
Genna brought along a puzzle to do with GrandDad
She enjoyed watching
Helped a bit
And played around a bit :)
But they finally finished it together!
The next day we went out for a lovely lunch in town
While we were packing up the car to head back home Genna set this up - her bed and baby blanket apparently! It was a great visit :)

Back at home she dressed her puppy with headbands, clips, etc (notice the feather headband...) and was VERY proud of herself 
The next morning before school she ran outside to see a huge rainbow with Dadda - exciting
The roses Genna picked from our bushes
Pretty girl, pretty flowers :)
Week 26 - Genna wanted to be in the photos with me this week
Everyone has been commenting that I have 'popped' - I guess so - I just feel huge!
Jingle has been moving a LOT these past 2 weeks. Mostly arching back against my stomach (OMG tight!) and big hard lumps popping out (head? bum?). Still a few kicks a day, but much more shifting. Genna got to be the 'doctor' at my appointment this week - my ob gave her the wand and she got to put it on my belly and 'find' the heartbeat -she had a HUGE smile and was totally thrilled.

We had a cute conversation in the car this week. She was talking about how it was getting dark outside (daylight savings has kicked in). I pointed out to her that the sun was going down, then the moon and stars come out. She said 'When the stars come out I want to come out and make a wish so my dreams will come true' ahhhh so sweet